Charette Wallet


We took our original Charette design and starkly redesigned it. Dedicated card slots and revised stitch patterns for a smaller footprint. Also, importantly, we got sick of seeing suspiciously similar designs and being told “well, there aren’t many ways to make a notebook wallet, it’s just a coincidence that ours looks like yours.” Challenge accepted. We made it even better than our original.

This three-card-slot wallet includes the same write-anywhere Fisher Space Pen (here with a clip, matte black, silver, or polished brass options) and take-anywhere credit-card-sized Moleskine Volant (X-Small) notebook as the original Architect’s Wallet, but adds a full front flap to cover the notebook and provide more space for your unhealthy obsession with credit and/or discount cards and extra protection for the notebook. We have also added the slightly larger Rhodia A7 pocket (side stapled) notebook as an option, for those who prefer that to the Moleskine.

Dimensions: Moleskine version: 105mm x 88mm (approximately 4-1/8″ x 3-1/2″). Rhodia version: 123mm x 98mm (approximately 4-3/4″ x 3-1/2″).

Original Release: October 2013
Revision 1: December 2014 (added front flap/card slots)
Revision 2: October 2015 (added rhodia size option, no notebook)
Revision 3: April 2016 (added rhodia notebook)
Revision 4: November 2016 (complete redesign; dedicated card slots, revised stitching)
Revision 5: March 2018 (redesign; both rhodia and moleskine size now have three card slots. New construction method for better lay-flat design. New colors.)

"How do I know which color is which??" Select a leather color from the drop down menus below, and the photos will update to reflect your choice.

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Customer Reviews

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Totally in love with this piece!

I had a problem with my first order. I was worried that it was going to be overlooked since I am picky, but noticing how great the reviews are about FFF's customer service, I decided to send an email and ask my question. My first Charette had this extremely annoying habit of not covering the whole notebook. And it just did not aesthetically go with the great looks of the wallet. It was a decently big gap and just could not be overlooked. To my surprise, Shawn emailed me back directly and asked me for some photos so we could see what the problem was. After an email or two of photos, he saw my issue and told me he'd have something whipped up to fix it, or refund me. A couple of days later I got an email saying that they shipped something out my way. And wow, did Shawn really take care of me. I mean this thing was the Charette that I pictured, at least when I saw the photos and reviews. I think the problem has been fixed on all the production ones at the moment, since the photos also look exactly like what he sent me. I was very pleased with this and cannot recommend FFF enough! They took care of me as a customer, and delivered an incredible wallet that really is a conversation starter. I have always been one to use long lasting goods, and FFF has definitely produced that for me here. I am over the moon with the work and craftsmanship, and will always look to FFF and Shawn for any leather goods that I may need. Don't think, just buy. They will deliver. And if on the off change you have an issue like me, then Shawn will take care of you.

Concerning the Charette wallet itself, I think it is a masterpiece. I have been carrying it now for about 3 or 4 months now and wanted to wait a bit before a review. It has enough space for 3-6 cards, depending on where you put them/if you want to stretch the leather a bit, and also enough space for some cash. I also store some handwritten notes in the two small pockets that are created by putting the notebook inside the slot on th...

6 months and loving it

I bought this wallet 6 months ago and it's been getting better and more broken in every day. FFF has been awesome to deal with and I will continue to come back for more!

The Wallet is great

Compact, and fits the right amount of items! It’s great and very well made.

Cool Wallet

Great wallet (and matching watch!)

Amazing Charette Wallet

Such a fantastic wallet. Superb quality and pretty quick delivery to Canada. Everyone that's seen it has been in awe.


Excellent quality. Excellent tool. I love my new product.

Good Wallet, But Pen?

I have been using this wallet for a few months. I like it much, much better than the Architect Slim--.because it protects the condition of its most fragile component, the paper notebook.

I am hesitant to give it a five out of five because after a few weeks in with it, the pen clip fell off. This was with normal use and care, so I'm unsure if it's a design issue or just a fluke... but either way, the little piece is lost and the loop itself can't hold the pen. I plan to contact customer service to see if or how the piece can be replaced (when I was first having trouble, simply re-inserting the pen into the metal clip didn't seem to hold it? It never stayed in after first coming apart).

It still looks pretty good after a few months of daily use. The fact that it closes seems to make it a more robust item than its counterparts and I love this.

I really like this wallet. But it's expensive. I would consider purchasing it again if I was certain the pen clip would stay attached.

Hey Jeffrey; really sorry that was an issue for you. We will absolutely take care of you. We’ll respond to your email that you sent and get it sorted for you.
Excellent wallet. Even better company

I could not be happier with my purchase. The wallet is exactly what I was looking for and has plenty of room to stash bills and business cards. The pen placement is brilliant, and the appearance is perfect. I must also make special mention of the wonderful owner of the company, Shawn. I emailed to ask about changing the shipping address on the order as Hurrucane Harvey was bearing down on my city. While the address change was out of his hands given that the item was in transit, Shawn decided out of the kindness of his heart to send me an "extra" wallet in a different color, this time to the address where I was staying to ride out the storm. In this "care package" he also sent my girlfriend a beautiful clutch, again simply because that's the type of person he is. I know I didn't deserved this remarkable display of kindness and told him as much in advance, but I will forever be a customer of his and a huge advocate for this company. Truly the best.