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FFF Wallet Workshop

FFF Wallet Workshop

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FFFinally bringing these back after a long hiatus. Haven't had a workshop since pre-covid (when Shawn had way less hair and only one kid).


  • One wallet that you stitch yourself
  • Adult drinks for yourself and a date
  • Fancy seltzer drinks if adult isn't your speed
  • A load of information about leather

6:30-8:30PM, dates as shown in availability below.

Come get a behind the scenes look at our design process at Form Function Form, learn why we choose the leathers we do for particular products, how the various machines and hand tools in the shop work, and make your own wallet.

This evening includes beverages from two local FFFavorites. You can sip on selected local "drinks" from Ivanhoe Park Brewing or curated "grape-based drinks" from our neighborhood grape experts at Digress Wine (or opt for our higher-octane cart). **Two drinks/person included with ticket.

You will be able to select your leather from several color options and then hand stitch your own slim wallet with guidance from our makers. Wallet is a unique design that can only be made by you at our workshops, not purchased.

Ticket includes 20% off any additional FFF purchases during the event (typical exclusions apply: Three-Way, FFFolio, already-discounted, and any customization fees not applicable for discount).

We look forward to having you join us at the workshop table for this monthly event. Bring a friend and make it a date night!

10 tickets available for each event.  Buy-out options for parties are available. Contact us to schedule your private event (30th birthday? Wedding party gifts? Just a damn cool thing to do with your friends? We got you). 

Looking for a corporate event?  We can work with you to design the perfect team building event, optionally adding catered meals or further customization. It's way FFFing cooler than another obstacle course , escape room, or that golfing thing; especially because they'll all walk away with something they made themselves.

Engraving & Monogramming

In general, we are subtle with our personalized engravings & monograms. Smaller products receive smaller monograms, and any personalized messages are hidden where the owner can see them but they are not 'out in the open' whenever possible. If you have specific preferences for any customized engravings, make a note in the special instructions section after selecting your options and we'll contact you to verify after your order.

Product Dimensions

Product Launch & Revision History

What Kind of Leather Does FFF Use? What's this Chromexcel/Veg Tan/HF stuff instead of just leather color? Where are your products made?

We make everything by hand in Orlando. 

As to the leathers we use: The super short answer is Horween Leathers in Chicago, and because we're leather geeks we want you to know exactly what you're getting--it's so much more than just the color of the leather.

You can find more info HERE about how we do things.

You can super-geek about the various leather types/tannages we use in our different products HERE.

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