Architect’s Wallet


The Architect’s Wallet eliminates the multiple layers of paper-thin leather dividers of typical wallets, in favor of minimalism and usability. Instead of dozens of cute little slots, it incorporates a write-anywhere Fisher Space Pen in matte black, silver, or polished brass, and a take-anywhere extra small Moleskine Volant notebook (two included, purchase more on Amazon or at your local paper goods store) that is slightly larger than a credit card.

With space for three cards inside the notebook flap and five to ten in the thumb-slot pouch (tight fit at first, but the leather will stretch to fit over time), and space for some folded cash and receipts in either slot, the minimalist design will easily fit in the front pocket of all but the skinniest jeans, and the inherent stretch of the leather will conform to your pocket over time.

If you secretly want a purse in your pocket to carry around all of your club membership cards, Mr. Costanza, this is probably not the wallet for you.

If you appreciate the fact that this hand crafted, saddle-stitched piece of thick, rugged 5/6oz leather will very likely be the last wallet you ever have to purchase–in short, if you appreciate fewer high quality things, rather than more mediocre things–we guarantee that this will fit the bill(s).

Note: You should expect the notebook cover to get worn out if you don’t fill/swap it out quickly.  If you would like to have a cover to protect the notebook from wear and tear, we suggest the Charette Wallet, a sister design to the Architect.

Available in an array of colors aside from those shown here.
If you already have a Space Pen and/or Notebooks for this wallet, no need to buy more from us. Down below you can opt out of the parts you've already got and save more cash to put IN your wallet. Score.

Dimensions: 87mm x 115mm (approximately 3-3/8″ x 4.5″)

Original Release: April 2012 (launch product)
Revision 1: August 2013 (revised dimensions, revised die)
Revision 2: March 2014 (smaller stitch spacing, revised die)
Revision 3: July 2017 (smaller stitch spacing, removed rivet)

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Customer Reviews

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Architect’s Waalet - Just what I needed

I’m a full time science fiction and fantasy novelist. Even with technology being as awesome as it is today, I don’t always have time to pull out a device for jotting down notes and ideas - which might come at any time.

Enter the notebook/pen/wallet combo!

Because it’s my wallet, I always have it with me, so I always have a space to write down notes to review later. Sure, I also have my iPhone - but there’s something organic about writing the idea down which gets lost a little bit in typing it onto a screen. Probably just that I grew up with notebooks instead of smartphones, but it works for me.

The quality is excellent. The minimalist nature of this wallet means I’m not carrying around a ton of junk - just the essentials. Overall, I think this is an incredible tool, and I strongly recommend it.

Perfect gift

My boyfriend is a mechanical engineer and is always looking for paper to jot things down so this wallet is perfect because he doesn’t leave the house without it. Also, the craftsmanship is beautiful and I loved the personalized note written on the lid of the box it came in. Smiles all around!

So good

Everything is quality; from the packaging to the product. I’m an engineer and this wallet helps me keep track of daily to-do’s and keeps me feeling professional.

Everything you need, nothing you don't

Every year or so I would take to Google in the hope of finding a replacement for my old, battered, and discontinued GTD Notetaker Wallet.

Finally I found this. It's better.

You don't need that loyalty card from the coffee shop you visited three months ago. You don't need the receipt from last week's haircut. You don't need to run around town trying to remember the four different errands you're supposed to run and the number of your parking spot. Chuck it all, carry four cards, cash, a high quality pen and notepad, and wonder why you didn't switch sooner.

Little things I like about it:

Replacement notepads are easy to get and come in several colours.

Works fine for Euro, though if you're carrying over 200 you may need to tri fold your 50s.

Thumb slot makes it very easy to get your most used card.

Rugged! I've had wallets that started to de thread when kept in the same pocket as keys and loose change. This is not one of them.

Architect Wallet

Love everything about the wallet. It's awesome to have everything in one pocket!!

1 year later-

Still going strong. I'd challenge you to put mine and a new one side by side to spot the difference. Well made and happy to recommend.

Architect's Wallet

I ordered the Architect’s wallet (veg tanned leather) to replace my “Costanza” wallet. It’s large enough to carry the essentials and small enough to fit comfortably in front or back pants pockets and in a front sport’s coat/suit jacket pocket. A great design.

Architects Wallet

This is everything I need in a wallet. It's easier to use without a bunch of slots. I like that the pen cap stays with the wallet, it encourages me to put the pen back and also makes it more likely for me to get the pen back from those who borrow it. the little Volant notebook is perfect, as well.