Architect’s Wallet


The Architect’s Wallet eliminates the multiple layers of paper-thin leather dividers of typical wallets, in favor of minimalism and usability. Instead of dozens of cute little slots, it incorporates a write-anywhere Fisher Space Pen in matte black, silver, or polished brass, and a take-anywhere extra small Moleskine Volant notebook (two included, purchase more on Amazon or at your local paper goods store) that is slightly larger than a credit card.

With space for three cards inside the notebook flap and five to ten in the thumb-slot pouch (tight fit at first, but the leather will stretch to fit over time), and space for some folded cash and receipts in either slot, the minimalist design will easily fit in the front pocket of all but the skinniest jeans, and the inherent stretch of the leather will conform to your pocket over time.

If you secretly want a purse in your pocket to carry around all of your club membership cards, Mr. Costanza, this is probably not the wallet for you.

If you appreciate the fact that this hand crafted, saddle-stitched piece of thick, rugged 5/6oz leather will very likely be the last wallet you ever have to purchase–in short, if you appreciate fewer high quality things, rather than more mediocre things–we guarantee that this will fit the bill(s).

Note: You should expect the notebook cover to get worn out if you don’t fill/swap it out quickly.  If you would like to have a cover to protect the notebook from wear and tear, we suggest the Charette Wallet, a sister design to the Architect.

Available in an array of colors aside from those shown here. If you’d like a different color, you can just pick one of the options here and make a note in the ‘special instructions’ field with the color you’d like.

Dimensions: 87mm x 115mm (approximately 3-3/8″ x 4.5″)

“How do I know which color is which??” Select a leather color from the drop down menus below, and the photos will update to reflect your choice.

Check the Shipping Information page for our time to hand-craft your order and shipping options, and our pretty damn liberal return policy, in case the goods don’t work out for you.


Engraving/Monogramming options

See our Engraving/Monogramming page for information. Double tap images on mobile to select (single tap shows name/price options).

(standard location-front cover, bottom right) “First Middle Last” style:

(input full name, NOT initials; we will style your engraving per your selection above)

(standard location-on rear of wallet, hidden under notebook when it’s closed)

Upload an image/logo for engraving: (+$12.00)

Black & white or (limited) greyscale image, tiff/jpeg/png or vector file. Very limited greyscale (black, medium grey, light grey, white) is possible. Actual engraving dimensions are preferred @ 300dpi for best results-contact us with questions and we can help you know if your image will engrave well. We will review file and contact you with questions and pricing prior to beginning work. Include approximate image location you prefer in ‘special instructions’ box below. Please do not request engraving of images/logos that you do not have rights to for copyright/trademark purposes.

(max file size 2 GB)

Using a clean piece of unlined white paper (computer paper), hand write your message with a black pen–preferably even a sharpie so it will engrave nice and thick, then take a well lit photo of it with your phone and upload it here. Don’t worry if it’s crooked or you need to cross out a word and re-write it, we can adjust it all in photoshop. We’ll tweak as needed to make it engrave well and contact you prior to making to finalize location.

(max file size 2 GB)

Gift Message OR Special Instructions

If you’d prefer a (Twitter-sized) gift message to the recipient, instead of our typical thank-you note to the purchaser, let us know what you’d like on the card. You can also include any special instructions we may have asked you for if you chatted with us via email/messenger so we can make sure your order is perfect. Or, tell us what bourbon we really need to check out, or your favorite meme format…you’ve got 420 characters, go wild.

More Information

Original Release: April 2012 (launch product)
Revision 1: August 2013 (revised dimensions, revised die)
Revision 2: March 2014 (smaller stitch spacing, revised die)
Revision 3: July 2017 (smaller stitch spacing, removed rivet)

Customer Reviews

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The Zen of it all...

Fantastic product, workmanship, customization AND all topped off with a personal handwritten note from the factory. Just awesome guys. Keep it up!

Architects Wallet Black

I am super happy about the item - I wanted a small thing and this is even smaller than I thought, so totally fits my idea. Materials, pen, notebook - all 10/10 could not change much :) The other thing is the delivery - my first order seems to be stolen on the porch, but FFF instantly replaced it no questions asked.


Customer service was great and the wallet came quick just as promised. My new husband loved the engravement - it was a perfect experience

I'm no architect but this wallet is for me.

If you can't leave the house without having a pen on you, this is your wallet.

The wallet you didn't realized you needed

My wallet game has been a constant progression since my first one. Long behind are the days of that loud, Velcro, anti-mating call sounding tri-fold. No more do I carry a wallet with a chain, for I do not carry in the back giving me hip dysplasia. I shan't ever revive the flashy Nixon bi-fold in an attempt to show off how edgy I am.

In all seriousness, this is probably the last wallet I will ever have. Not only does it have that premium build and feel, but the smell of quality leather is intoxicating. I detest taking notes on my phone, so the notebook and pen is a god send. Might I add the admiration you gain from whipping this bad boy out, like a full well groomed beard, this wallet shows confidence and commands respect. I have people compliment me on it almost every time I have to use it. I will also note that I might have been the first person to receive a modified new variant of the Architect, with two slots on the opposite side of the notebook, instead of the single side pocket. Get this one if you can, but don't ask for an ID window. If you do, then you must also need to cork the end of your forks for safety.

The only tips I would give is to carry the wallet in your front pocket (where it belongs), and to have the card slots face down. The notebook will wear slower if you don't have it against your leg. I will be buying future products from this guys. $1000 products for around $100, they're the pound for pound leather good making champs. Thanks FFF.

5 years

Guys i work construction labor. In fact i did concrete. This wallet has shocked me. I have no idea why but this damn thing has been covered in concrete many times and beaten to shit. I don't understand why it looks the way it does.

Hey man! That's actually an older design of our Charette Wallet...if you find you're having issues with it ever, let us know and we'll get you a great deal on our newest design (which obviously we think is way better or we wouldn't have redesigned it). Glad you're still using the wallet!!
Architect's Wallet is so useful

I've had 2 of these in the past; one I gave as a gift and the other one, by puppy chewed! I was stoked to order another one because I used my old one constantly. Loved the little pen and everything about it. The new version has improved stitching and workmanship, and the previous one was also great. The owner was super helpful to me in the ordering process when I was having issues processing the order and even gave me a discount for helping him sort out the issue because they were updating the pay-wall and trouble-shooting. Really great experience all around and the delivery process was really fast as well. incredibly stoked to have this gear back in my life.

10/10 service and product

Didn't see an option to edit my initial review, but wanted to update that I was sent a replacement un-prompted, and it looks on point. Happy doing business with FFF!