Archslim Wallet


Designed in AutoCAD, like all of our products, this two or three slot wallet with integrated slot for a notebook and Fisher Space pen is a mix of our original Architect Wallet and our newer Charette Wallet. It trades lighter weight leather than the Architect in order to provide dedicated card slots without the extra thickness of the cover on the Charette.

Two vertical credit card slots in the smaller Moleskine Volant version, three in the slightly taller Rhodia version (dimensions below). Same easy access pocket inside the notebook as always, and another space for receipts/tickets/emergency cash between the notebook and the credit card slots.

Laser cut from a single piece of Horween horsefront leather (thin, strong, low stretch, durable), folded and hand stitched with burnished edges.

Includes two Moleskine or one Rhodia notebook, color may vary. Refills readily available online or at your local stationery store. (Use code: 'nopenplease' during checkout for a $20 discount if you have your own Fisher Space Pen w/ clip already that you'd like to use).

Dimensions: Moleskine version: 108mm x 81mm (approximately 4-1/4″ x 3-1/4″). Rhodia version: 123mm x 81mm (approximately 4-3/4″ x 3-1/4″).

Original Release: November 2016

"How do I know which color is which??" Select a leather color from the drop down menus below, and the photos will update to reflect your choice.

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Customer Reviews

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Keeping this for the long haul

I owned both sizes, initially the Rhodia size before losing it and replacing it with the Moleskine. Having both, I prefer the Moleskine, the loss in notebook size does not outweigh the compact form factor. Plus, with only 2 card slots vs. the 3, it forces me to be more selective of what I stuff in my wallet and ultimately results in a smaller (if only slightly) bulge in my pocket. You will be happy with either, I came from a card holder wallet so the smaller of the two is welcomed, thanks Shawn!


I am unsatisfied with this wallet. Having gone some distance with it, I feel I have valid experience to share.

I love the idea, a slim wallet with pad and paper buily right into its profile. This is the well done part, and what netted the purchase.

But then reality. The notebook portion itself is completely exposed, and consequently not fit for sustaining the wear of daily use. The cover will peel away, the actually book will bend, and the edges will tear. This is what happened to me in the course of normal or perhaps even light use.

I did not use the pen frequently, and as its holder was also not fit for normal daily use, it was easily lost. So now torn, peeled notebook and empty pen holder... the wallet certainly looked great to start with, but does not even approach reasonable expectation for sturdiness.

On the reverse side, the leather has stretched so have to keep multiple cards in each pocket or they slide out.

I wouldn'y recommend buying this, and wish I hadn't. It's a terrific idea. It's physical appearance is stunning and seems impressive. But this thing is expensive and doesn't account for reality, or reasonable expectations for daily use.

Hello; we're very sorry that you're not happy with your wallet. Please send an email over and we will get you taken care of, either with a charette wallet (the cover over the notebook may work better for you), or a refund of your purchase. We definitely don't want you feeling like you are stuck with a wallet you're not completely happy with, especially one that sounds as if it was from a fluke, overly stretchy piece of leather.
Great wallet

Slim and yet really functional. I was a little worried about its capacity to carry cards at first, but the leather expands just to the right tension with use.

Archslim wallet

For the guy who frequently needs to jot a quick note but wants a slim wallet, the archslim accomplishes both and looks fantastic.

Archi Slim

Very functional , beautiful piece of EDC art. A design , I've been looking for over the past 20 years. Combination wallet and notebook, fits easily in shirt or front pants pocket. Highest quality workmanship and leather available anywhere today. Shipped in 24-48 hours and in my pocket in 3 more days. Fantastic customer service and response to inquiries. Low pricing. This item is of such high quality it will last decades. Your great grand kids will fight over who gets it in your will. I like their work so much I've order 4 pieces in the past 3 weeks. Buy with confidence, you'll be very happy with you purchase.

Long term wallet

I'm an analog, old school kind of guy. I've always stashed pieces of paper and pen in my jacket pockets to jot down notes and favor paper calendar to phone apps. After did a review of this wallet, I was hooked. I got the Latte/Tan color as the review recommended and couldn't be more pleased. It's definitely not a thin wallet as I was coming from a card holder for cards & cash, the trade off is worth it for such a classy, quality piece in a man's wardrobe. I expect this to last a long time. Shawn/Zach were great to work with, fast responses and great communication along the way

Perfect Gift!

I purchased this wallet as a gift for my fiancé. It went over very well! He loves the non-bulky design and is a secret fan of space pens :wink:

My long lost best friend

I have been searching far and wide for the perfect all in one for months. The “form”-factor, size and "function”laity are unparalleled. Ive been showing this off to everyone who cares to listen!