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The Slip Notebook Cover - Custom Series

The Slip Notebook Cover - Custom Series

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Add your logo/graphic/monogram to our refillable Slip Cover. A solid brass Chicago screw holds the notebook in place, with a cover completely free of stitching so the engraving shines. Delivered with one Moleskine Cahier notebook (Large/Journal or XL/Desk-Notebook).

Easily refillable at your local paper goods store or through Amazon, this cover will last for years. Gets cooler with use.

Engraving & Monogramming

In general, we are subtle with our personalized engravings & monograms. Smaller products receive smaller monograms, and any personalized messages are hidden where the owner can see them but they are not 'out in the open' whenever possible. If you have specific preferences for any customized engravings, make a note in the special instructions section after selecting your options and we'll contact you to verify after your order.

Product Dimensions

Product Launch & Revision History

Original Release: October 2020

What Kind of Leather Does FFF Use? What's this Chromexcel/Veg Tan/HF stuff instead of just leather color? Where are your products made?

We make everything by hand in Orlando. 

As to the leathers we use: The super short answer is Horween Leathers in Chicago, and because we're leather geeks we want you to know exactly what you're getting--it's so much more than just the color of the leather.

You can find more info HERE about how we do things.

You can super-geek about the various leather types/tannages we use in our different products HERE.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Beautifully handcrafted

The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and kindness of the men who create at and run FFF are above and beyond! I purchased a lovely, green leather cover for a double journal to make book for a friend's birthday. I did a drawing for the cover to have it personalized but when I went to pick it up, it was really small only on the front, not wrapped around the whole journal as I'd envisioned it. I realized this was my own fault as I didn't specify this in my request so I thanked them kindly and slowly sulked out of their shop. I figured the leather was still pretty, just not exactly what I was hoping for, and I simply had to bite the cost of my own mistake. Apparently, I am not so good at keeping a look of disappointment off my face even when I think I am (I am terrible at poker.) Shawn chased me out of the store to ask me if everything was as I expected. I was honest and said that it was really nice but the engraving wasn't what I was thinking it would be. He ushered me back inside, talked me through the drawing, and engraved a brand new cover for me to make it look exactly how I wanted it. The journal was already worth the money to start with but the customer service (and ability to mind read?) made it even more worthwhile. Thanks to FFF for making my friend's 50th a little prettier and a bit more precious!

Rebecca Alarcon
Perfect Journal

My husband absolutely loves this journal cover. It was made custom and with the universal symbol for gratitude.

Jean Paul Gilmour
Absolutely Impressed

Shawn was highly receptive towards updating me about the process of crafting this cover. The cover itself is a work of art, especially for it being created to fit a journal of my choosing; the design for holding it in place is perfect for it both holds the book in place while hardly adding bulk to the overall thickness and is a piece of art in of itself. For anyone questioning as to whether or not they should commission FFF, take the leap of faith; it's the best bang for your buck and this is a product that will assuredly withstand the test of time.

Harry Barley
New customer

I bought a Slip Notebook Cover as a gift for a friend -- this was after I got one as a gift myself. Very pleased with both customized items. Great knowing it was handmade by local craftsmen. More purchases to follow.

Customized Journal

The custom journal crafted by the team at FFF came out perfect! I was able to pick out the exact blue color leather and engrave words to last a lifetime. Thank you for always pulling through on such special gifts!