The Sidestep Wallet


It’s basically a clipless money clip and while we love ALL our wallet designs equally, we probably love this one more equal than the rest. It’ll feel flimsy without cards in it, because the full grain mustang horsefront leather is so incredibly soft and supple, but still full grain so it’s incredibly durable. With cards in the slots it securely pinches the cash in the center so it won’t fall out but is still easily accessible.
Four credit card slots (two in front of cash slot, two behind) horizontal format wallet with a central cash slot that securely holds US dollars (or similarly sized world currencies) folded in half. 4-12ish card capacity, plus cash.

Laser cut from a single piece of select Horween horsefront leathers for a durable, ultra-low-profile pocket fit, folded and hand stitched.

Monogram/Engraving Notes: We do not recommend black mustang if you would like easily legible monogramming/engraving. This leather is a very subtle engraving and does not stand out (see the nearly invisible FFF logo on the back of the photos).

Dimensions: 89mm x 71mm (approximately 3.5″ x 2.75″).

“How do I know which color is which??” Select a leather color from the drop down menus below, and the photos will update to reflect your choice.

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More Information

Original Release: November 2016
Update 1: March 2018 Redesign, similar aesthetics/size, better card coverage/stability, new colors
Update 2: May 2019 Complete redesign, larger capacity, smaller size, better cash & card holding with larger number of cards. Moved 3rd slot to rear & converted to more ‘pouch’ style for added capacity.
Update 3: February 2020 Redesigned yet again. Smaller size, added 4th card slot in lieu of pouch, ‘angular’ card slots, same capacity as previous.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Best slim wallet for cash and misc items

I have about 2 dozen slim wallets and money clips. This is, by far, the best way to carry your minimal cards and cash. It's foot pint is the smallest you can get for a cash carrying wallet because it is just large enough to cover a bill folded in the best way, in half. The clipless money clip is such a great feature; no more quad or tri folding bills; no more smashing bills under elastic; and, no more having bills getting frayed and viewable to the public with money clips. Cards are well covered and protected from keys, etc. The leather is thin, supple and high quality. The total wallet is extremely thin. The stitching is top notch.

Reviesed Review

Reply to the previous review emboldened me to go for max break-in. Put FOUR cards in each of the side-by-side slots and a DOZEN bills in cash. In testament to the quality of materials and build, the Sidestep took it like a champ. AND the the thumb-hole pocket still worked well, sliding the cards out easily. I've been using mine now with two cards in the side-by-sides - taking out and inserting cards easily - and with two to six/eight bills in cash which is easily accessed and held securely. So with six cards and needed cash, the Sidestep is a neat, compact package only slightly larger than the cards alone. I demonstrated to myself that you COULD load as many as ten cards and a bundle of cash, but when I realized the BULK was due mostly to the contents, I prioritized and got the total thickness down to a tad over 5/8". Slim, compact, secure carry; I like it!

Up to expectation

Of good quality, product arrived on time

Still Breaking It In...

Quality build and Materials. Initially found the thumb hole pocket on the one pocket side useful with two cards, but the pockets on the two pocket side made it hard to release cards with two cards each, and almost impossible to get the cards if there were more than three-four bills in the cash pocket. Break-in process is to put three cards each into the two pockets and ten bills. After 10 days, it’s much easier to extract either of two cards from either pocket with 4-5 bills in cash compartment. Having a bit of a problem re-inserting cards in those pockets. Seems like you somewhat anticipated this problem by cutting the indents progressively less deep; I think they should be even less deep.
Probably like it even better with more use...

Thanks for the thoughtful input. Definitely keep trying it and if you find it doesn’t work for you let us know and we can absolutely try something else. I never want a product languishing in a drawer if we have a better fit for however someone uses their wallet.It will absolutely all loosen up with use; I always am taking the stretch of the leather into account when designing, so how it works after a week or two will be a bit different than how it works on day 1. Keep us posted!
2 months in, what a great little wallet!

I've had a few thin, inexpensive wallets in the past. I thought I'd splurge a little to get a nice one. I was looking at some by Tumi, Coach, a few other brands. However, I am SO very happy that I picked up this one.

I've been using this wallet every day for the past 2 months. The leather is of great quality and has formed to the cards I typically keep in it (4x credit/debit on one side, 4x id cards on the other). I also have some business cards and a little cash in the middle.

The design is super. At first, I wasn't sure about the middle gap (for cash and things). Now I'm sold, it's pretty great and nothing falls out. On the "outside", it's pretty simple getting cards in and out quickly. Super handy for travel. The little wings take a little getting used to (see image) on one side, but it's not cumbersome. Now that the leather has formed, I think it actually helps keep the cards in place. Cards sliding out used to be my biggest issue with past wallets. That and the little bits of leather that were often where the stitches were. This wallet has none of those issues.

The color is great and the wallet is aging well. I haven't noticed any dye bleeding which is a huge plus. Overall, what a great little accessory. I'm extremely happy and will recommend this to everyone!

Love my Sidestep

This wallet is just the best. Such quality materials, design, and features. Form*Function*Form creates items that last forever.

Exactly as expected

Have two watch straps that have been going strong for years, so when I wanted to replace my wallet/card sleeve I grabbed this. It's exactly as I hoped for in quality and aesthetics, and communication and shipping were prompt.

Sidestep Wallet -- Latte

Love this wallet. Beautiful and unique construction that fits everything I need without any bulk. Can easily fit money, 5 cards, etc.