“Greensleeve” Simplicity Wallet


Sometimes cash is king.

  • Two-pocket card case style wallet w/ extended rear pocket for cash & thumb slot.
  • Single piece of USA-made Horween Leather w/ two stitches.
  • Front pocket holds 1-2 cards.
  • Rear pocket holds 5-10 cards & cash.
  • Holds US, Canadian, and smaller Euro bills.
  • Lightly burnished natural edge.
  • Hot iron branded 1/4″ square FFF logo.
  • Materials (leather and stitching) 100% US made.
  • Designed and crafted in our Orlando, Florida studio.

Engraving/Monogramming options

See our Engraving/Monogramming page for information.

(standard location-below front card slot, centered, FFF logo moves to rear of wallet) “First Middle Last” style:

(input full name, NOT initials; we will style your engraving per your selection above)

(standard location-rear of wallet above thumb slot)

Engraved Handwriting (+$12.00)

Upload a clear photo of your/your kids’ handwriting on a piece of unlined printer paper (pen preferred). We’ll tweak as needed to make it engrave well and contact you to finalize location before we engrave.

(max file size 2 GB)

Gift Message OR Special Instructions

If you’d prefer a short gift message to the recipient, instead of our typical thank-you note to the purchaser, let us know what you’d like written. You can also include any special instructions/order notes to the maker.

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More Information

Original Release: October 2013

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Fantastic minimalistic Wallet

As I write this I have my main credit card and drivers license in the front pocket and cash (7 bills, half-folded) and 7 full thickness cards in the back. There are also a couple business cards in there but those are thinner. This thing will hold some half-folded cash and around 10 cards without issue. If you pack it tight (I'd say anything over 12 cards +10 bills) it'll become more work getting to the stuff you need in and out but that should be the exception. If you can contain your card fetish this thing is a great carry.

If I had to find a flaw it would be that cash gets worn a bit by having its edges exposed so if you wanted to keep a bill crisp this won't do it.

I have 2 FFF watch bands and now this wallet. Both packages came with a greeting written inside the box and the products are very high quality in look, feel, and performance. The whole experience makes me feel like I bought something much more expensive than the actual price but without feeling like I compromised anywhere.

Great little wallet

Enjoying my new wallet! High quality leather and very well made. Looking forward to many years of service from it.

Simple and Effective

I love how unique, simple, and effective, the design of this wallet is. It manages to hold plenty of cards and cash while staying compact. And of of course, the materials and build quality are as excellent as the design. Woudn't change a thing, I love it!

Another one!

Got this to maintain my desire for a slim profile while keeping the ability to carry cash neatly and discretely (no money clips). So I got this and it is great, the color is aging well and is incredibly well built and sturdy. Customer service/interaction is great as well. Had an impromptu conversation with 'him' on Twitter last night as well as other interactions in the past. Excellent person/people, excellent products. Buy this or anything else from them.

Beautiful wallet

This wallet was a gift, and I couldn't have asked for a better one. It has a very simple and solid construction with very nice leather. Holds everything I need and looks great and stays thin while doing it. I'm sure this wallet will last me a long time. Great customer service.
-Jonah S.

Excellent wallet!

I've had this for a couple of weeks now, and the quality is fantastic (which is no surprise if you've had anything from FFF before). The wallet easily holds cash and a couple of cards in the big slot and then a few things like ID and the like in the small slot. If you carry a wallet with a ton (like I used to) it'll take some discipline to pare down what you carry, but that's just a matter of doing some re-adjusting.

Pete M

Looks great and works great. perfect fit for your cards and money. Really pleased with my purchase

Cute but.....

Very unique and nice design. The only issue is if you want only carry just 2-3 cards with no cash, the cards will be loose. Shipment was so fast and communication was excellent. Probably buy again from them.