FFF Watchband (Adjustable)


All adjustable FFF watchbands are 'buy 2 get one free'. Just add 3 to your cart (any size/leather/stud color) to see discount. Mix adjustable cordovan or standard adjustable bands. Not good on Apple Watchbands or Custom Cordovan.

We created the Custom Cordovan Button-Stud Watchband, (the first button-stud watchband on the market) and brought it to market with our first products in early 2012. A couple months later, we introduced the adjustable button-stud band, allowing the same simplicity and comfort of the custom band, but sized to fit any wrist, with over 2″ of adjustment, while maintaining a sleek look of the original by hiding the adjustment holes behind the watch face. Since then, we’ve had a LOT of imitators; so it looks like we’re doing something right.

Offered here in Horween Chromexcel, Veg Tan, Latigo, and Ultra-Thin Horsefront leathers, with solid brass, stainless steel, and perma-coated black DLC stainless.  Top-shelf Shell Cordovan leather options also available. For a ready-made watch & band combination, see our currently available pairings with select watch faces.

  • Adjustable length button-stud band fits virtually all wrist sizes with over 2" of adjustment.
  • If you find your new band needs to be a bit shorter or longer to fit you, or if you find the band stretching out a lot (full grain leather will stretch, some pieces just stretch TOO much, and we just replace them without hassle) contact us for a prompt fix.
  • When installed correctly (wear it as shown in our watch photos or all over our Instagram page, NOT with the button stud down on the bottom of your wrist), band design hides button-stud adjustment holes behind watch face (and keeps the button stud from banging against your wrist/desk/laptop while working). For a truly custom band sized to your watch and wrist, see The Original Cordovan Button-Stud Watchband.
  • USA made, low profile screw-back button studs in stainless steel, black DLC perma-coated stainless, and solid brass (all with hypoallergenic solid brass screw backs).

Original Release: October 2012

"How do I know which color is which??" Select a leather color from the drop down menus below, and the photos will update to reflect your choice.

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More Information

Installing (and wearing) your new Button-Stud Watchband correctly:

Our installation 'best-practices' to avoid scuffs (and get all the benefits of the design). Your first inclination, with a shiny new watchband, is to take it out of the box and slide it through your watch face, just as you always do with a NATO band: Tag end first. However, pulling the band all the way through the springbars, or removing your band by pulling on the stud end can result in a scuff from a sharp-edged watch case. Stay (so) fresh and (so) clean (clean): [unordered_list style="bullet"]

  • Do not 'center' the watch face on the watch band, as you would with a normal-style/every-other-watchband-out-there. You'll see all the adjustment holes (rather than having them hidden behind the watch face, thereby presenting a nice, smooth, minimal leather band), and the button will rest on the pulse point of your wrist and get in the way while working (as well as being more likely to get snagged on something). Once you wear the button-stud watchband, you'll realize how uncomfortable it is to have watch clasps in your way while working...and you'll be so glad you took the time to read this. Hey--we're here to make your life better...or something like that.
  • Always keep the watch face close to the button stud--if you can see more than one adjustment hole while wearing the watch, you aren't getting the benefits of our original design. You can check out all of the photos of the watches on the site, if this verbal description doesn't make sense.
  • Avoid pulling the strap all the way through the springbars--only the pointed end of the strap and the adjustment holes themselves should ever pass through the springbar gap in your watch face. Pulling the entire band through can leave a big, probably-permanent scuff/scratch right down the middle of your band due to a sharp edge on your watch case.
  • To install and remove the band, first remove the button stud--as above. If you're able to install/remove the band with the button-stud still installed, re-read the above point--you won't put your eye out, but you'll end up with a scuffed up band from a sharp watch case edge (i.e., yer' doin' it wrong).
  • When installed and worn correctly, any scuffs on the leather as a result of installation will be hidden, the adjustment holes will be hidden, and the button-stud will stay out of your way while working at a desk. Hey...we don't call it 'form•function•form' because it rolls so easily off the tongue--this is a sleek and very functional design (and we want to make sure you get the most out of it).
  • In short--hide your holes, and avoid band torture by following the above tips.

Be sure to 'Mind the Gap':

On some watches (a vintage Omega Seamaster, for example), the springbar is very close to the case itself, leaving a tight space to slide a NATO-style band through. If it is relatively easy to swap grosgrain bands on your watch, this is likely not your situation. However, if you find that your case/springbar dimension is particularly tight, and getting your new band through is proving difficult, form•function•form recommends obtaining a springbar tool in order to easily remove the bar and install your cordovan band. The Swiss company Bergeon makes a quality option in their '6767' model. It will take at most 15 seconds to figure out how to use the tool to remove the springbars; just make sure the 'spring' doesn't shoot the tiny part across the room--that will take hours to undo.

Installing the band 'point-first', as above, rather than 'rounded-end first' will make the whole process go much more smoothly, especially in a tight springbar gap; we intentionally pointed the end of the band to make installation easier--slipping the small point through the springbar enables a good grip to pull the rest through.

Customer Reviews

Based on 362 reviews
Made an old watch awesome again

Simple, well made and durable. Would buy again.

Hell bent for horween

These straps just feel so good on the wrist, even outdoors in the Florida sun they allow your skin to breathe.

Great band

Received my band and have been wearing it for a couple of weeks now. There are only so many different ways to make a watch band, but I have found this to be a very unique option that addresses a number of drawbacks associated with regular designs..... biggest one being steel clasps dragging on aluminum laptops while typing. I will certainly be purchasing more of these bands in the future. Great band.

Looks & Comfort

Very comfortable and stylish. Doesn't get hot like my previous band. Like the pointed end; easy to install. Great company.


Very well designed watchbands with top quality materials

Beautiful, functional watchband

I purchased the Ultra-thin HF in Dark Burgundy and it pairs with my Seiko SKX013 exactly as I imagined and hoped it would. I needed a very thin band because the SKX is pretty thick already at 13mm. I fell in love with the aesthetic of the button-stud band and wanted one but I felt a pass-through leather band of traditional thickness would just add too much height to my already chunky watch. Reading through the different leather options, horsefront seemed to be the perfect solution with its thinness and low stretch. I only received the band yesterday but I'm thrilled with my purchase. It's as comfortable as FFF and other reviewers claimed. It's soft and unobtrusive and my watch just melts into wearability instead of being this lump of metal I constantly have to adjust. The precision of workmanship and the quality of the Horween leather is very impressive. I look forward to purchasing more items from FFF because I believe it's a gem of an independent artisanal business in this age of absolutist corporate capitalism.
I'm also writing a review because I chose the horsefront leather and I know that many people make a strong distinction between horse leather and cow leather. They may even be turned off by it because horses are "pets." I had reservations myself but I was impressed that Nick Horween actually wrote a reply to a very sincere reviewer on this site who lionized the opaque (and largely unethical) US horsehide industry. Nick Horween said they take care to only purchase from European food-source plants, including for horsehide. Do I know for sure if this is true? No. But to an extent, we have to rely on the reputations of the businesses with whom we interact and Horween has a long, prestigious history whose leathers are exclusively used by many other prestigious leather goods producers. FFF only uses Horween, so I trust that my choice of leather did not directly contribute to the unethical slaughter of horses here in the US.

I absolutely love it

The watch band is the best buy that I have made in a long time. It matched and fitted right in with my Timex Weekender. I also think that the price was very reasonable!! I’ve gotten so many compliments already from friends and co-workers. If you’re considering buying a horween leather watch strap, FFF is the best place to buy one hands down!! I hope to purchase another one soon.

Beautiful strap

I am impressed by how comfortable and beautiful these watch straps are. They are also extremely easy put on and to adjust to size.