FFF Button-Stud Apple Watchband


Note: Latigo-Walnut currently sold out (waiting on more from Horween. Restock date uncertain). Latigo-Rio Tan is a good substitute, slightly lighter shade of tan, will darken very close to walnut with use/wear.

Make the “most personal device yet” from Apple your personal device with a watch band that is custom fit to your wrist, and doesn’t have any clunky buckles to hit against your laptop or get between your desk and wrist.  It’s the same deceptively simple button-stud closure that we use on our original invention, the Button-Stud Watchband, but cut and sewn to size specifically for your wrist. Fits all Apple Watches, size based on your Apple Sport Band size.

  • Two-piece strap includes the click-in band adapters (no tools required to swap bands).
  • Premium Horween leather from their Chicago, IL tannery (since 1908).
  • Laser cut, hand burnished & stitched in our Orlando, FL studio.
  • Lifetime size warranty (free size adjustments; you’ll get the size that fits you and you’ll always have the size that fits you).
  • Premium low-profile button studs: Stainless steel or DLC Black to complement click-in adapter color.
  • Click-in Adapter to match watch version:
    • Silver Polished Stainless (for Watch – Stainless) with stainless steel button stud
    • Silver Matte Stainless (for Watch Sport – Silver) with stainless steel button stud
    • Space Black Polished Stainless (matches Watch – Space Black) with black DLC stainless stud
    • Matte Black Stainless (for Watch Sport – Space Gray) with black DLC stainless stud
    • Note: for Gold & Rose Gold Apple watch, we suggest matte black adapters to complement the screen/bezel. Unfortunately, as far as we have found, there are no adapters available on the market that match the Apple watch in these colors; in fact, the adapters we’ve seen are downright horrible.
  • Sizing based off your Apple Sport Band size (see “How to size your band,” below); no wrist-measuring required.

Original Release Date: July 2015
Revision 1: Late July 2015, additional adapter/stud colors (matte/black)
Revision 2: Mid August 2015, added matte black adapter
Revision 3: Late January 2016, added gold/rose gold adapter
Revision 4: Early March 2016, removed gold/rose gold; color did not match. Unless Apple releases certified adapters for these, we probably won’t offer them because trying to find good matches has been a huge waste of time.
Revision 5: Early October 2016, added XL sizes
Revision 6: November 2016, added colors
Revision 7: January 2017, revised colors/photos
Revision 8: September 2018, confirmed sizing is same for 38/40mm and 42/44mm faces (Series 4 Apple Watch), updated options in pickbox to reflect

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not guess at your size, attempt to use anything other than the Apple Sport band (the ‘rubber-ish’ band), or attempt to account for the stretch of leather when ordering. If you tweak the size to try to get the band to fit you you will definitely not get a band that fits you–we’ll absolutely work with you to get a band that fits you perfectly, but it’s vital to start with the size as it should be per the directions below–i.e. the same size as your Apple Sport band.

"How do I know which color is which??" Select a leather color from the drop down menus below, and the photos will update to reflect your choice. **note: we are experiencing server issues causing delays in image updating. It may take 20 seconds or so to update. The 'clear' button next to the menu can help refresh faster. We're hoping for a fix soon.**

Check the Shipping Information page for our time to hand-craft your order and shipping options, and our pretty damn liberal return policy, in case the goods don't work out for you.


Gift Message OR Special Instructions

If you’d prefer a (Twitter-sized) gift message to the recipient, instead of our typical thank-you note to the purchaser, let us know what you’d like on the card. You can also include any special instructions we may have asked you for if you chatted with us via email/messenger so we can make sure your order is perfect. Or, tell us what bourbon we really need to check out, or your favorite meme format…you’ve got 420 characters, go wild.

More Information

How to size your band/order your FFF Button-Stud Apple Watchband:

  1. Get your hands on an Apple Sport Band (the rubber strap).
  2. Figure out which band fits you–either the S/M,  M/L, or XL band.
  3. Your FFF Button-Stud Apple Watch Band size is a combination of which watch size (38mm/40mm–the smaller one or 42mm/44mm–the larger one), sport band (S/M, M/L, or XL) and which hole (1-7, with 1 as the TIGHTEST hole and 7 as the LARGEST hole–so a S/M-1 fits a newborn, and XL 7 is the largest stock size available.
  4. We count AWAY from the watch face–hole #1 is the hole closest to the watch itself, going up from there to hole 7 which is closest to the end of the band.  Usually if you get a band that is DRASTICALLY too tight or too loose, the reason is that you counted from the wrong end of the band–so if you wear your band on the largest size possible on the ML band (i.e., you have a quite large wrist), but order a ML 1 under the mistaken idea that you have the “first hole” instead of the “last hole”, your band will definitely not fit.
  5. If you alternate between two sizes, select the size you usually wear.  If you get your Button-Stud band, and it doesn’t work perfectly for you, we will of course send a replacement.
  6. PLEASE do not guess or attempt to adjust your size to account for the stretch of the leather or whether you think the leather should be tighter or looser.  We will absolutely adjust your size to get you a perfect fit, but begin with ordering the size you actually wear; we’ve attempted to accommodate stretch and how a leather band needs to be worn already in our sizing, so if you ‘double-up’ on these adjustments, it is highly unlikely you’ll end up with a band that fits you.

Things to know when you get your band:

  • It should be just a BIT tight to begin with.  This is real, 100%, no bullshit, full grain leather…not just “genuine leather,” which is only just barely qualified for the name. As such, it will stretch a little bit.  We use select, low-stretch leathers for the custom length Apple bands, so our entire stable of colors is unavailable, because some leathers won’t work well for a custom length band over time.  After a few days of wear, your band should stretch out just a little and fit you perfectly.  As a general rule, if you can get the band on (buttoned), without it being painfully tight, it should stretch to fit you perfectly within a couple days.  You can gently tug on the leather to stretch it a little by hand to hasten the process.  If after a while, your band has stretched too much and no longer fits you, you just got a freakishly stretchy piece of leather (it’s a living material, cut from a whole hide–there are always variations in look and properties across the hide); contact us and we’ll get you another one.
  • In case it doesn’t fit you perfectly after a couple days, send us an email, let us know, and we’ll get a longer/shorter band out to you ASAP and a label to get your band back to us.  This lifetime exchange covers both stretch in the leather and changes in your wrist; if your band doesn’t fit you, let us know and we’ll get you a replacement.
  • The hole the fits over the stud will be a tight fit, and a little difficult to put on the first time.  As you get used to the closure, and after you put it on/take it off a few times, the stud hole and the leather around it will soften up just a little–just like high school, it gets WAY easier.  Trust us.
  • If you wear the band every day and regularly get it sweaty, it WILL stink eventually.  Give it a break now and then; let it air out, especially if you get it sweaty or wet (in short, treat it just like you would a fine pair of shoes, as they are both made from the same premium quality leather, and will unavoidably absorb moisture–you ARE using shoe trees on your good shoes and giving them a break now and then, aren’t you?  If not, you should feel very very judged by us…ok, not really, but please don’t ever come by the shop and take your shoes off).

Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews
Awesome Band

Great product for price. Looking forward to see how the leather ages over time.

Great Watch Band

I was a little worried that the banks would be a little too tight when I got it but I gave it a little time to loosen up. After a couple of days it started to loosen up and feel more comfortable. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and it has gotten even better. I love that the stud is offset to the side because it doesn’t hit on anything when I set my arm down on a counter or desk

Great Gift

My wife works in a hospital and although she loves her apple watch and how connected it keeps her to me without interfering with work. However, she felt like the Nike sports band that came with it was a little unprofessional. I knew she wanted a leather band over any nylon or other version, but the apple watch branded bands were ridiculously expensive (I mean, just dumb) and we are on a residency budget. We didn't want some cheap Chinese made leather either, especially if it would just fall apart or stretch in some way. CUE FFF. I found them online through a search of small businesses, and loved the clean lines, high quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and best of all - a small business to support. The price tag was not cheap, but not ridiculous. A perfect gift for my spouse that I could feel good about for many different reasons. I would do it again, and might just upgrade my own band one day soon!

Beautiful Craftsmanship!

The button-stud Apple watchbands are nothing short of ingenious! Stylish, well made and comfortable. I've purchased two of these watchbands for my 40mm Series 4 Apple watch - one in Rio Tan and another in Dark Brown. Both are beautiful!

I misjudged the size with the first band I ordered, and needed one size larger. The return process was very smooth. The only problem that occurred in the return was my not knowing that I needed to keep the button-stud portion of the band and only send back the strap, so when I received the replacement strap, I had no button-stud portion. I contacted Form Function Form to let them know what had happened. They were quick to respond and sent out the button-stud part right away.

This is a great company selling quality products. I will definitely be making more purchases with them in the future :)

Loyal customer

This is my third band. I love the uniqueness and quality of the band that I could never stop at one or two colors. I'll be back... for more.


FFF Button-Stud Apple Watchband

Best Bands Ever

My husband gave me an Apple watch for Mother's Day last year, and I only wear it with Form.Function.Form bands (I have three). They are great, and they add style to the watch.

Simply perfect.

I was looking for a band that didn’t have a large metal clasp under the wrist which would scratch my MacBook. The design of this band is perfect, looks great and there is nothing but smooth leather between your wrist and your MacBook. Fit was a tad snug at first, loosened up to perfect, exactly like they said it would. I will be adding different colors of this same band to my collection.