Field Notes Wallet


With a slot to hold the included Fisher Space Pen, this Horween horsefront leather is laser cut in our studio and hand stitched to cover the included Field Notes (or similar size) notebook, while providing six credit card slots, a pouch for cash/receipts, and space inside/behind the notebook for additional papers.

109mm x 140mm (approximately 4-1/4″ x 5.5″)

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Engraving/Monogramming options

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(front & rear cover)

(standard location-front cover, bottom right) “First Middle Last” style:

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(standard location-inside front cover, on lower card slot face; FFF logo moves inside notebook flap cover)

Upload an image/logo for engraving: (+$12.00)

Black & white or (limited) greyscale image, tiff/jpeg/png or vector file. Very limited greyscale (black, medium grey, light grey, white) is possible. Actual engraving dimensions are preferred @ 300dpi for best results-contact us with questions and we can help you know if your image will engrave well. We will review file and contact you with questions and pricing prior to beginning work. Include approximate image location you prefer in ‘special instructions’ box below. Please do not request engraving of images/logos that you do not have rights to for copyright/trademark purposes.

(max file size 2 GB)

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More Information

Original Release Date: January 2015
Revision 1: November 2016, revised design, removed tab/stud (shipping earlier than Nov.)
Revision 2: July 2017, completely revised design; distinct card slots, increased to 6 slots, new leather colors
Revision 3: May 2018; revised, multi-piece design to allow slightly heavier duty leather with similar final product thickness, new ‘universal’ FFF horizontal card slots.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
The Most Beautiful Option Out There!

I searched all over for a solid leather Field Notes wallet, and this hit the perfect sweet spot for me! I love the design and layout of the cards on the left, each one being easy to access but I’m not worried about them falling out. I like this so much more than the kinds where there’s only two spots to stack all your cards and they stick out sort of janky. There’s so much goodness here, from the pen holder to the rich leathery smell I get every time I go to write in it!

The engraving was slightly different than what I’d envisioned, I was expecting something small and pressed but it was a little larger and maybe laser engraved. Still, it’s a nice touch. I went with a solid brown and can’t want for the scratches and patina to develop over time.

Also, this thing has a LIFETIME WARRANTY! That’s such an added bonus! Love everything I’ve gotten from FFF!


Amazing product. Gorgeous and hand crafted.

Fantastic wallet

In the field notes wallet, I have found a perfect tool. I receive phone calls on a regular basis that requires me to record information, and this wallet has a nicely sized notebook in which to work. I ordered the architect’s wallet last year, and while I have enjoyed it, I prefer the larger notebook. The wallet is beautiful, and feels fantastic. Thank you.


Truly a wonderful product. Use this as a bullet journal and has already proved a wonderful piece in my anachronistic struggle against my ever-encroaching iPhone. Many thanks for the investment in making a beautiful object that I'm sure will serve me well for years.

Just one question that others may have too: What would you recommend as a leather conditioner/polish?

Many thanks,

The perfect field note wallet.

I looked around at tons of options for a field notes wallet. I wanted something with a pen loop that held a decent amount of cards plus money compartment that was as small as possible. This wallet totally met all those requirements and in addition, the leather quality is excellent. It's very soft and pliable and wears very well. After a few weeks it had completely shaped itself around the cards I'd put into the wallet without issue. I can't imagine myself without this wallet now.


Shawn and the team produced and delivered a wonderful wallet after meticulous emailing back and forth.
The added note was an extra care of touch owing only to the love they put forth in their craft.
Order from F.F.F knowing always that your product will not disappoint, nay will only grow better with time.
I will DEFINITELY recommend and order from again and again and ...

The Perfect Wallet

I've got the Charette Rhodia. Its hands down the best wallet I've ever owned. Perfect for jotting down a quick note or two, and not having to rely on punching something into your phone. I'm trying to use my phone less, especially around the kids, and having a wallet that also captures thoughts is perfect for this. I don't have to pull my phone out - I'm already doing that enough!!
The leather and overall quality of this wallet is second to none. It wears nicely without compromising performance. And I simply love how it smells; rich and leathery..
Also, customer service definitely has the "wow" factor buttoned up. I originally ordered the Field Notes wallet, but wasn't happy with the size. Corey made the exchange simple and even walked through replacement options over the phone. His note written inside the shipping box was a nice touch. Buy this or something similar ASAP. It makes a nice gift too. I'm thinking of gifting them out to my best clients.

The quality of the leather

The quality of the leather and the way it was put together is AMAZING!!!! My husband LOVES it!!!