Our mailing address and retail space/workshop is:

Form Function Form
2810 Edgewater Drive,
Orlando FL 32804.
On-street parking and parking in the lot on the side/rear of our building, parking entrance to the south near Clayton.

Retail Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 10a-4p
Other hours by appointment. Extended hours during holiday season.


Some people like contact forms on webpages; at least, businesses seem to like having them.  We have never, ever, been in that group, and prefer more direct methods to get in touch:

If you have a question about any product (how it’s used, what the difference between x and y leather is, etc.), click the ‘ask a question’ button at the top of the product page. You’re probably wondering the same thing a dozen other people are, and you can help them out when we answer your question right there on the product page. Yay, community!

Form•Function•Form is small shop, but endeavors to maintain excellent service and prompt product shipment. If you have a problem with your order, or have already attempted contact via the above methods without success, give a call (or a text; if things are really busy, texts are quicker): 407-476-7083

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