Shipping Options & Estimated Delivery Times

For all shipping options, we charge actual rates based on size and weight of your order. We are not looking to make money off shipping, and carry too many variously sized products to offer a fair “flat rate” shipping. Rather than baking the price of shipping into our items, we just charge what it costs us.

Short version (more info below): We ship with USPS and FedEx, both within the US and internationally. We offer no insurance on any items shipped with USPS against loss/damage/theft, but will replace any item shipped via FedEx for free; we’ve negotiated excellent rates with FedEx, and highly recommend their services. Price obviously varies based on your location and size/weight of your order, and is calculated at checkout.

We make all orders by hand.  We carry very little ‘pre-made’ stock (just enough for displays in our shop), so we make each thing you order in our workshop/retail studio and ship it out to you, typically within a 2-3 day crafting time.
Due to the hand-made-to-order nature of our products, if it is the holidays or during one of our very rare sales when orders spike, the crafting time will increase, and your ‘to the door’ time will also increase.

Your order gets to your door as (crafting time)+(time in transit). You will receive an email when your order ships with tracking information to follow its progress (check your spam folder for an email from us)…do note that USPS/international tracking (and shipping speed in general) is a bit less reliable than FedEx, particularly during the holidays–you get what you pay for, but if you’re willing to wait a bit the USPS is a great lower cost option.

For orders within the USA, we offer USPS (low-cost, relatively reliable shipping dates) and FedEx (higher cost, very reliable shipping dates) shipping options.

Economy: United States Postal Service (USPS) domestic shipping: We charge actual shipping costs. Low cost (for most items; heavier items tend to become cheaper with FedEx), and typically reliable except during the holiday season or other times of heavy demand, when delivery times can slip drastically.  Quoted USPS shipping times are an estimate, and are not guaranteed. We do not offer insurance for lost/damaged/stolen packages shipped with USPS, though we have had very very few problems with them (especially within the US) since our launch in 2012. If you would like included insurance for any loss/damage/theft, please select the FedEx options.

FedEx domestic shipping:  Higher cost, higher reliability, date-specific delivery. See FedEx US Service Guide for a more complete description of services and obligations. We do not require signatures on domestic FedEx shipments.  All FedEx shipment options include lost/damaged goods insurance at no extra charge. Contact us if there are any issues with your order delivery and we will take appropriate steps to make sure your item arrives.

  • FedEx Ground: Time in transit will vary based on your distance from our shop at zip code 32804. For specifics, visit FedEx’s Ground Service Map (, and enter your information.
  • FedEx 2day: Actual rates from FedEx, usually under $10 except for larger items such as Bags or Desk Pads. Standard crafting time (will vary during holidays/other times of heavy demand), plus 2 business days in transit. You will receive an email when your order ships with a tracking number and a guaranteed delivery date.
  • FedEx Overnight: Priority crafting (your order moves to the head of the current crafting line), plus next business day delivery.

Please note: International economy shipping is unreliable in terms of delivery date, package tracking, and possible fees assessed by customs officers.  We include the required paperwork, but sometimes packages can and will sit in customs offices for weeks and weeks before clearance and delivery.  There is NOTHING that we can do to hurry these packages along or get you more information about where your package is.  If you want to follow your package, and know when it will arrive, please select the FedEx options.  Overall, we have had great luck with our low-cost economy international shipping options, but customs delays DO happen–particularly during the holidays–so please be aware of that BEFORE ordering. Additionally, any customs duties/fees/VAT imposed by governmental authorities or local carrier shall be the customer’s responsibility (contact us with questions or concerns on this point).

Form•Function•Form shall not be responsible for loss, damage, or theft of any order shipped internationally via USPS/your-local-government-postal-carrier.  No refunds shall be offered on international shipping fees/product charges due to delays in transit or lost/stolen merchandise shipped via USPS.  For guaranteed delivery dates and packages insured against loss, theft, and damage, please use the FedEx delivery options. CUSTOMS OFFICES IN YOUR COUNTRY CAN CAUSE EXTREMELY LONG DELAYS AT TIMES. THIS IS BEYOND OUR CONTROL, and unfortunately there is nothing we can do if your USPS order is taking a long time.  If you need an order in a timely manner, we suggest FedEx.

  • Economy shipping via USPS First Class Package International (about $12; price varies by location and shipment weight–max weight 4 pounds. Add products to cart to find your exact shipping fee): standard crafting time, plus 10-40+ days in transit (customs dependent, NOTE: customs delays are possible and completely unavoidable from our end.  If your country’s customs office is slow, or backed up–particularly during the holidays–your package will simply sit until they get to it).
  • FedEx Economy (price varies by location, depending on weight): 4-6 business days in transit.  Check your specific country at the FedEx Rates and Transit Times estimator, from US zip code 32804. By default, we ship international orders as ‘signature required.’
  • FedEx Priority (price varies by location, depending on weight): 1-3 business days in transit.  Check your specific country at the FedEx Rates and Transit Times estimator, from US zip code 32804. By default, we ship international orders as ‘signature required.’

For reasons I don’t understand, occasionally FedEx Priority is cheaper than FedEx Economy, even though it’s better service.

  • All returns are subject to our returns policy, visible here.
  • Free return shipping for all US orders.  Contact us via our contact page for a pre-paid label.
  • International customers: we encourage you to ship return orders via insured, signature-confirmation methods AFTER contacting us–please do not ship items without first contacting us in case we need you to keep certain items for an exchange, or other specifics related to your order.  Form•Function•Form shall not be responsible for return shipments that are lost, damaged, or otherwise do not make it to our studio in the condition they left your hands.  Contact us before returning any goods; we reserve the right to refuse delivery/refund/replacement of any goods returned without prior authorization.

If you have a question about shipping policies (or anything else), contact us, and you should hear back within hours; if you haven’t heard back quickly enough, feel free to send another email without worrying that you’re bothering us–sometimes emails come in and in the rush of getting other things out the door they fall behind–we read every question, and we immediately respond to any problem.