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Fabulous both times I ordered!

Band fits perfectly. Far more low profile than most. Will be ordering in additional colors.

Love my Sidestep

This wallet is just the best. Such quality materials, design, and features. Form*Function*Form creates items that last forever.

Best Company and Watch Band Ever

If you’re thinking about getting one of Form-Function-Form’s watchbands, just do it! You will not regret it. This company has the best customer service you’ll ever encounter and their bands are so comfortable I’ve occasionally forgotten I’m wearing one and have fallen asleep in it.

The design, workmanship, and materials are first-rate, but behind it all are people who believe in their product and want their customers to be pleased. A couple of orders ago, they emailed me that they noticed I’d ordered a different size—and reminded me of their lifetime guarantee: you can get a replacement any time you need it. I replied that sometimes my first band was just a little tight and I wanted to try the next size up. They not only sent me the size I’d requested, but a custom half-size in-between at no additional charge!

After they learned that I used both bands depending on physical issues that often vary day to day, they again sent both sizes for each of the three bands in my next order. I can’t thank them enough for helping me in this way—again, at no additional charge.

I have given away my other bands because none can compare.

Just try one. You won’t want to wear anything else with your Apple Watch.


I ordered these for my littles as luggage tags. I love that the names/address are in the inside and not on the outside for everyone to see. They have already put them on their bags and can't wait to go on our next adventure! Y'all are seriously amazing and I love handmade and small businesses! Customer service is aweseoms sauce as well! 🙂


I never thought the button system would make such a difference. Getting the clasp out from under my wrist made the watch very comfortable and it’s my go to watch now. The leather looks awesome and I don’t feel I need to baby it.

Time will tell how it holds up and if it stretches, but there’s plenty of hold for easy adjustments.

Amazing band!

I love this band so much! It looks great and it’s so comfortable! After a few days it’s so easy to take on and off. This is the best band. I’m so happy with it!

Architect's Wallet is so useful

I've had 2 of these in the past; one I gave as a gift and the other one, by puppy chewed! I was stoked to order another one because I used my old one constantly. Loved the little pen and everything about it. The new version has improved stitching and workmanship, and the previous one was also great. The owner was super helpful to me in the ordering process when I was having issues processing the order and even gave me a discount for helping him sort out the issue because they were updating the pay-wall and trouble-shooting. Really great experience all around and the delivery process was really fast as well. incredibly stoked to have this gear back in my life.

Field Rep Wallet Awesomeness

This is the 3rd product I've bought from Form-Function-Form. As a real estate agent, I really need something cool and distinctive to carry my business cards and to capture notes while in the field. I can't wait to break this one in! Also, the quality of the stitching has greatly improved, and the leather color choices are amazing. Lastly, when I was ordering, I was having an issue with the website confirming my payment, and the owner spent 20 minutes with me sorting out the issue so I could complete my order. And gave me a discount for my trouble. Insanely generous. Thanks again for the great and distinctive gear!

Hell bent for horween

These straps just feel so good on the wrist, even outdoors in the Florida sun they allow your skin to breathe.

Great band

Received my band and have been wearing it for a couple of weeks now. There are only so many different ways to make a watch band, but I have found this to be a very unique option that addresses a number of drawbacks associated with regular designs..... biggest one being steel clasps dragging on aluminum laptops while typing. I will certainly be purchasing more of these bands in the future. Great band.


Finally, a watch band that I can wear while typing all day. Absolutely love it.

Style and Comfort, I am in love!

I have three Button-Stud Apple Watchbands in different colors. They are my favorite bands and I own a lot of different brands and styles. The leather feels oh so comfortable, and the bands look great. I've had some of these FFF bands for years, and they just get better with age. The customer service is as excellent as the bands. I needed a custom size, and it was no problem. The only thing I could ask for is to have more of them in my collection!

Works as advertised

If you follow the sizing instructions, you will get a perfect fit. The leather is high quality. I like the simplicity of the strap. You can't feel it on your wrist.

Great watch...

Great brand and great support. These guys are really doing an amazing job. I ordered internationally to Switzerland and the support was easy and personal. I will definitely order some more stuff in future, because the watch and watchbands I received are well made and super comfortable. 100% recommendation!

Wow @ Customer Service

Don't know how to edit my review, but I felt this needed to be said anyway. As mentioned in my original review, the fit is perfect, but I had a very small issue with one of the adapters not locking without a little wiggling. The issue is so small that I did not see a need to replace the band, but today I received an email advising that a new band was on the way. Wow wow wow. I'm pleasently surprised that this level of customer service still exists, and will be doing business with this company many times over.

True craftsmanship. Heirloom quality that's worth every penny.

If you're reading this review, you might be asking yourself: why would I spend almost $90 on a notebook cover? Like you, I was asking myself the same question, but having ordered a few things from FFF in the past, I knew that their products are in a league of their own, so I saved up and splurged. I'm happy to report that I couldn't be happier with my decision, and it was worth every penny. It's hard to overstate just how damn good the craftsmanship at FFF is. It's also hard to explain how a nice cover can somehow enhance the experience of using a notebook, but somehow this one does. It gives a weight and presence to the notebook that it simply doesn't have without this beautiful cover. I know it sounds silly, but it does. I'd compare it to the effect that getting a high quality pen has. It compels you to write more. It draws you to the notebook, makes you place greater value on it, and ultimately makes you obtain more benefit from whatever the purpose of that notebook is

Looks & Comfort

Very comfortable and stylish. Doesn't get hot like my previous band. Like the pointed end; easy to install. Great company.


His products are one of a kind. Even on my 2 passports holders I purchased there was a slight difference and that made it unique. I have purchased many of his products and will continue to do so.


Very well designed watchbands with top quality materials

Beautiful, functional watchband

I purchased the Ultra-thin HF in Dark Burgundy and it pairs with my Seiko SKX013 exactly as I imagined and hoped it would. I needed a very thin band because the SKX is pretty thick already at 13mm. I fell in love with the aesthetic of the button-stud band and wanted one but I felt a pass-through leather band of traditional thickness would just add too much height to my already chunky watch. Reading through the different leather options, horsefront seemed to be the perfect solution with its thinness and low stretch. I only received the band yesterday but I'm thrilled with my purchase. It's as comfortable as FFF and other reviewers claimed. It's soft and unobtrusive and my watch just melts into wearability instead of being this lump of metal I constantly have to adjust. The precision of workmanship and the quality of the Horween leather is very impressive. I look forward to purchasing more items from FFF because I believe it's a gem of an independent artisanal business in this age of absolutist corporate capitalism.
I'm also writing a review because I chose the horsefront leather and I know that many people make a strong distinction between horse leather and cow leather. They may even be turned off by it because horses are "pets." I had reservations myself but I was impressed that Nick Horween actually wrote a reply to a very sincere reviewer on this site who lionized the opaque (and largely unethical) US horsehide industry. Nick Horween said they take care to only purchase from European food-source plants, including for horsehide. Do I know for sure if this is true? No. But to an extent, we have to rely on the reputations of the businesses with whom we interact and Horween has a long, prestigious history whose leathers are exclusively used by many other prestigious leather goods producers. FFF only uses Horween, so I trust that my choice of leather did not directly contribute to the unethical slaughter of horses here in the US.

Love this stuff!

Watch band, wallet and air pod case...they all get better the more they are used! Thx FFF!

Perfect Fit

Product description is true to the T. At first it was a bit snug, but after a week the fit is uterly perfect. Adapters also look to be of very good quality although I have a small issue with the one on the long end. When I slide it in, there is a click and it stops, but I can still take it out from one of the ends. A small tug seats it correctly. Just mentioning it in case someone else has the same thing. I didn't see a reason to swap it for something so small. Will be buying more.

I absolutely love it

The watch band is the best buy that I have made in a long time. It matched and fitted right in with my Timex Weekender. I also think that the price was very reasonable!! I’ve gotten so many compliments already from friends and co-workers. If you’re considering buying a horween leather watch strap, FFF is the best place to buy one hands down!! I hope to purchase another one soon.

Beautiful strap

I am impressed by how comfortable and beautiful these watch straps are. They are also extremely easy put on and to adjust to size.


I am truly impressed! A very nice handcrafted band, perfect size and extremely fast crafting and shipping!!! I ordered my band at 3 pm monday and got it at 12 today, wednesday. In Sweden!