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Hey Stefan. Sorry you didn’t like the cordovan. It’s definitely a glossier leather than most. We try to use lighter weight pieces for watchbands, because if it’s too thick it won’t fit through many watches. But I don’t want you to have a band that you’re clearly this unhappy with. Maybe you’d prefer a more standard cowhide leather in a chromexcel finish. I’d like to send you a couple other standard leather bands that aren’t cordovan. It’s a great leather but I usually tell people if they’re not familiar with it already it might not be for them. So unless you’re really wanting the glossy, hard wearing finish that’s sort of the signature of cordovan a different leather might be a better fit. So, I’ll send you some other options, or we can absolutely send a heavier weight piece of cordovan. Let me know which direction you’d like to go...or if you’d just prefer a refund that’s absolutely an option too. Just want to make sure you’re happy.
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Best slim wallet for cash and misc items
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Good, but not durable.
Courtland...hey there. Apologies for taking a couple days to respond to your review. I wanted to look back at your purchases. We see a purchase for a midday weekender (i'm guessing that's the one in the photo, maybe we missed a purchase in the history though) in 2013 (7 years ago), and some bands in 2016. We're going to send you replacement bands (we'll be emailing you separately to make sure we have your current address). Full grain leather can be quite durable, but there are some factors that will limit its longevity: wearing every day without switching it out and giving the leather a chance to fully dry out (particularly if it gets wet/sweaty) is the main cause of failure. Another factor can just be a fluke weak point in the hide. We're happy to send a replacement out. As to the timex...there are absolutely different grades of watch face materials. Premium watches use sapphire crystals that are quite scratch resistant, and rolex for example cuts their own faces that are somehow magically even more scratch resistant than sapphire. Timex has recently released some made-in-america watches that use gorilla glass (like on iPhones and a lot of other cell phones) which is also quite scratch resistant. By default, though, timex uses a less durable crystal, and it will pick up scratches over time if it gets dinged and dropped.Regardless, we'll be sending you a new watch and replacements for the bands you purchased. Just check your inbox for an email to let us know about your address.
Love it! Perfect watch.
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Architects Wallet Black
Finally - a notebook wallet that fits in pockets
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Still Breaking It In...
Thanks for the thoughtful input. Definitely keep trying it and if you find it doesn’t work for you let us know and we can absolutely try something else. I never want a product languishing in a drawer if we have a better fit for however someone uses their wallet.It will absolutely all loosen up with use; I always am taking the stretch of the leather into account when designing, so how it works after a week or two will be a bit different than how it works on day 1. Keep us posted!