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Love it!

Elegant but not fancy and so comfortable.
More that happy with it 🙂

The Slip Notebook Cover - Custom Series
Kerri B. (North Bay, ON, CA)
An Everyday Staple

Beautifully crafted yet durable enough to be toted around daily. Wouldn’t hesitate to gift one to family and friends.

"Greensleeve" Simplicity Wallet
Fernando L.H. (Tampa, FL, US)
My #1 edc wallet

I am a wallet collector and this one, despite being very simple, is so far one of ed favorite and I carry it in the front pocket.

FFF Watchband (Adjustable Cordovan)
Jeffrey S. (Pittsburgh, PA, US)

This watch band is exactly what my wrist needed to be in his full glory. Thanks FFF!

The Penney Clutch
Ahmed s. (Abu Dhabi, AZ, AE)

It was a gift for my wife and really she loved it saying it’s unique to her the leather style clutch. She carry it ever since.

Thanks a lot,

The Slip Notebook Cover - City Series
Elayna B. (Saint Paul, MN, US)
Great gift!

I bought this as a gift for husband, and it was perfect! I'm very happy with the quality, as always.

The Sidestep Wallet
Victor M. (Aurora, CO, US)
Great service and product

Buy the Sidestep if you are looking for a high quality wallet with a very small profile. It seemed expensive for a minimalist wallet, but it worth the price because of the fantastic design, quality workmanship, premium materials, and great service. Everything works just as intended. I had some questions and learned that the website needs updating to show improvements that were made to an already good product. The questions were answered nearly immediately and the company was very focused on making sure I was happy. I ordered the thereafter. There was good communication after the order. The packaging was very simple - I don’t care - the product is terrific! It is a high-touch item and I am happy with my decision every time I use it.

Beautiful Custom Gifts!

I recently got custom leather journal covers to give as gifts, and FFF did an amazing job. Shawn was always prompt to reply, patiently answered my many questions, and delivered a stellar custom product! I would absolutely recommend Form Function Form - they use high quality leather and engraving, and make great gifts (including self-gifts!). Love the journal cover idea so that the notebook inside can be swapped out whenever needed and the cover can be used forever!

The Penney Clutch
Donna A. (Orlando, FL, US)
Love The Penny Clutch

Love it, love it, love it. I love The Penny Clutch so much I had to return to FFF and order two more in different colors. It is the perfect size for everyday use and can coordinate with just about any look.

Sunglass Case
Anne L. (Orlando, FL, US)
Sunglass case for a bride to be

I purchased a sunglass case for a bride to be for her bachelorette party. I had her name and her soon to be husband’s name inside. It came out exactly how I wanted it and when she received it she told me she had JUST lost her sunglass case so it was perfect timing. She loved it!

The Field Rep Wallet
B.S. (Winter Park, FL, US)
Best Leather in Orlando

Fantastic minimalist design, the pen holder is superb and the pocket folds are a dream to use.

Just Perfect!!!

super friendly and helpful customer service. fast and uncomplicated delivery. highly recommended!!!

The Sidestep Wallet
Christopher K. (Bryn Mawr, PA, US)
Pleasantly surprised A+ wallet

Waited until a new wallet was needed, but had heard of the FFF quality a few years back. I should have bought this sooner. Fits 10+ cards of mine, and is very compact.

The Slip Notebook Cover - City Series
Sara P. (Oviedo, FL, US)
Perfect Graduation Gift

I purchased the Slip Notebook Cover - City Series as a law school graduation present for a friend and former colleague and it was the perfect gift. The notebook cover was beautifully done, and felt upscale and professional while still having a ton of personality (rare in the world of office goods). The recipient was blown away by how personalized it was, including a map of his hometown of Pensacola, his initials on the cover and a custom message on the inside. I ordered the cover under somewhat of a time crunch and was delighted with the ease of ordering online and the quick turnaround. I will definitely order again for future gifts as the options for customization make these truly special.

Charette Wallet
Charles M. (Charlottesville, VA, US)
The very best

I've run across something this good about two or three times in my 64 years. I've used it for two years now and live in mortal fear that your firm will no longer exist when I finally need a new one. This is a very real fear as it's made so well. I love it, I love it, I love it.

FFF Button-Stud Apple Watchband
abby l. (Vero Beach, FL, US)
Out of this world Customer Care!!

First I absolutely love the new band!! Very cool styling and love that it’s so unique. Most importantly though is how amazing the customer care has been. I ordered the wrong color initially - though I should have clarified before I did not, so they could have made me pay for the mistake. Instead they actually said keep it to the opposite one and got the one in the right color sent right out to me at no cost to me. It’s so amazing to find a company that puts the customer first like that anymore. I will be a customer for life and will share my hood find with others too!! THANK YOU!!

The Slip Notebook Cover - City Series
Courtney P.W. (Clearwater, FL, US)
Fast, Custom Work That Doesn't Disappoint

I ordered a Slip Notebook Cover - City Series for my wife for our 3rd anniversary. My wife opened her gift and said "Wow. This is incredible." The city detail on the outer cover is quite intricate. The custom engraving on the inside cover was exactly where and what I requested. Shawn does super quality work, and I truly wouldn't go to anyone else for any other leather products. 5/5 would recommend to everyone I know.

Charette Wallet
John J. (Allen Park, MI, US)
BETTER than the Pictures !!

The ‘Charette’ is an ingeniously designed little wallet ... beautifully made & so strongly put together that by the time it wears out the only real glaciers you’ll be able to see then will be on old Y-tube videos.
Completely outclasses my paper-clipped , rubber banded, pocket bundle that I just tossed in a nearby dumpster.
And , w/ all due respect ... the ruggedly hand-stitched leather ENORMO-wallet that I picked up @ the Kentucky State Penitentiary gift shop a gazillion years ago turned out to be more of a tiny seat cushion than a useful pocket accessory ... thus the switch to the improvised , ramshackle rubber band nightmare of a contraption mentioned above.

People that made this gem are artists moonlighting as craftspeople .

- thanks a million! Joslin ( Detroit electrician/lineman )

Charette Wallet
Michael M. (Baltimore, MD, US)
Timeless Modern Classic

Charette Wallet, Black
Optional Fisher Space Pen, Black
Rhodia A7 120mm x 75mm pocket notebook, Black Cover, quad ruled, 24 sheets / 48 pages

Please note: The pen in the photographs is my own and is not the pen that shipped with the wallet. (I use the shipped pen as backup.) The Rhodia notebook in the photos is the dot-ruled variety and did not ship with the wallet. The included notebook is quad ruled like graph paper.


The Charette is a portrait-oriented, bi-fold wallet and is crafted from thick, high quality leather. The sturdy shell is flexible without feeling floppy or loose, and it gives off the pleasant scent of a top quality tanned hide. Unfolded, the left panel contains three stacked card slots sewn onto a right-angled, tip-out cash flap. Unlike the wave-shaped slots shown on FFF's product page, the current version's each have a broad, center-cut thumb notch for securer retention and easy extraction. The slots are snug enough to hold one card, but can expand to hold perhaps three each. I find two cards per slot the maximum load before the wallet feels bloated or over-stretched. The right panel is divided into two stacked sleeves. A slim inner compartment holds receipts or extra cards, while the outer sleeve retains the Rhodia notebook, and is constructed of three panels creating a central flap that can act as a bookmark. All panels are sewn together with heavy-gauge nylon thread and the stitching is precise end-to-end. All panel edges are trimmed flush and are dyed to match the cover. The Charette is trim enough to fit in a looser fitting front pocket, though it may strain slimmer trousers.

The pen loop is not elastic fabric, but rather the same robust leather as the Charette's outer shell. By design, FFF removed a tiny rectangle of leather about midway down the loop's length. The Space Pen's folded clip-tip rests in this precisely positioned cavity, better securing the pen without stressing the clip spring. The loop's inner circumference exactly matches the pen's barrel along both their spans resulting in a perfectly snug fit. Only with significant effort can one pull the cap away from the pen while it's in the loop. Excepting unusually violent circumstances, the pen's cap will remain in place, in or out of pocket.

As a Moleskine user, I hadn't encountered Rhodia notebooks until I discovered the Charette. The Rhodia A7 cover is made of a thin, hardy plastic sturdy enough to act as a smooth and stable writing platform once open. The white matte paper presents shows no glare even in bright sunlight, and its tooth is neither too smooth nor coarse. The paper holds Fisher Space Pen ink without smudging or bleeding. The notebook is bound with two strong, flush-folded staples.

One Quibble

I don't find the built-in bookmark all that useful. The black leather faintly stains the paper, so I won't risk it obscuring my already illegible scribbles. As illustrated in one photograph, the middle bookmark flap is sewn on separately from its two flanking sections, creating a small but protruding interior tab. The Rhodia notebook's back flap must be inserted under this tab or the wallet will not fully close. When I hold open my Charette, the notebook sometimes slips a little away from the wallet sleeve's inner edge. I then have to fiddle the cover under the tab to close the wallet. I think the Charette would have been better absent the bookmark. A one-piece slot inside the back cover would have provided securer storage for small items and a smoother notebook load. To counter the issue, I removed the back cover from another small notebook, trimmed it to size, and inserted it between the Rhodia notebook's back cover and the small bookmark flap tab. This solved the issue for me.


Regardless of this one minor point, I highly recommend the FFF Charette. The wallet is exquisite. The Charette is not a fad, a gaudy status symbol, or a tacky bauble broadcasting itself across distances or crowds. It is a modest object whose obvious and timeless quality is best appreciated in the hand. Its simple design and sturdy construction ensure it will last at least one lifetime. It's a pleasure to hold and use, and is the best wallet I ever have owned — or ever expect to own — and is a bargain at its price.

FFF Watchband (Adjustable)
Jennifer L. (Atlanta, GA, US)
Great product

I got a band from Form Function Form for a watch that was being given as a wedding present. He loved the band and I am so happy with this purchase. Great communication, fast delivery, and help with the watch springs! Thank you. 😊

The Three-Way Bag
Laura T. (Tampa, FL, US)
I love love love my THREE WAY BAG!

I see FFF about once a year at a gift bazaar in Tampa, and every year I treat myself to one of their products! First the clutch, then the wallet and this year, it was the Three Way Bag. It is my favorite bag! #1 I got to customize it, so it is super unique and all me #2 It has worn in with great character, so it has a timeless lived in feel that is what good leather is all about. #3 it is the perfect everyday work bag that hold as little or as much as i need. The key fob, side pocket, and ring are very handy for keep the vitals with in reach. Thank you!!! I can't wait until my next purchase!!! I hope you guys keep doing what your doing and making such great products!

Timex 31mm 'Golden Rays' Weekender Mini & 16mm FFF Watchband
Robert H. (City of Westminster, ENG, GB)
Unique Spin on a Classic Watch

I took advantage of a sale offer and purchased a pair of watches as a replacement for my wife's standard Timex Weekender. The FFF strap is an elegant and simple design that compliments the Weekender perfectly. My wife tells me it is simply the most comfortable watch strap she has ever worn. Great service from FFF with swift delivery to the UK.

FFF Coasters
Anonymous (Gainesville, FL, US)
Great gift!

The leather coasters made for an amazing personalized birthday gift for my husband. The quality is outstanding and they add a masculine touch to his bar set up.

FFF Coasters
Vonda F. (Orlando, FL, US)
Perfect gift

Was looking for a unique gift!! Was perfect and employee worked with me in several designs.

Architect's Wallet
Simon H. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
They are the true essence of Form/Function/Form.

7 times out of 10, I get asked " what is that and where do you get one?" I have been using the Architect Wallet for one has these in Australia. They have never faulted, never copied///they are the true essence of Form/Function/Form.
One of those things where you say " how did I survive without it"