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Great watch...

Great brand and great support. These guys are really doing an amazing job. I ordered internationally to Switzerland and the support was easy and personal. I will definitely order some more stuff in future, because the watch and watchbands I received are well made and super comfortable. 100% recommendation!

Wow @ Customer Service

Don't know how to edit my review, but I felt this needed to be said anyway. As mentioned in my original review, the fit is perfect, but I had a very small issue with one of the adapters not locking without a little wiggling. The issue is so small that I did not see a need to replace the band, but today I received an email advising that a new band was on the way. Wow wow wow. I'm pleasently surprised that this level of customer service still exists, and will be doing business with this company many times over.

True craftsmanship. Heirloom quality that's worth every penny.

If you're reading this review, you might be asking yourself: why would I spend almost $90 on a notebook cover? Like you, I was asking myself the same question, but having ordered a few things from FFF in the past, I knew that their products are in a league of their own, so I saved up and splurged. I'm happy to report that I couldn't be happier with my decision, and it was worth every penny. It's hard to overstate just how damn good the craftsmanship at FFF is. It's also hard to explain how a nice cover can somehow enhance the experience of using a notebook, but somehow this one does. It gives a weight and presence to the notebook that it simply doesn't have without this beautiful cover. I know it sounds silly, but it does. I'd compare it to the effect that getting a high quality pen has. It compels you to write more. It draws you to the notebook, makes you place greater value on it, and ultimately makes you obtain more benefit from whatever the purpose of that notebook is

Looks & Comfort

Very comfortable and stylish. Doesn't get hot like my previous band. Like the pointed end; easy to install. Great company.


His products are one of a kind. Even on my 2 passports holders I purchased there was a slight difference and that made it unique. I have purchased many of his products and will continue to do so.


Very well designed watchbands with top quality materials

Beautiful, functional watchband

I purchased the Ultra-thin HF in Dark Burgundy and it pairs with my Seiko SKX013 exactly as I imagined and hoped it would. I needed a very thin band because the SKX is pretty thick already at 13mm. I fell in love with the aesthetic of the button-stud band and wanted one but I felt a pass-through leather band of traditional thickness would just add too much height to my already chunky watch. Reading through the different leather options, horsefront seemed to be the perfect solution with its thinness and low stretch. I only received the band yesterday but I'm thrilled with my purchase. It's as comfortable as FFF and other reviewers claimed. It's soft and unobtrusive and my watch just melts into wearability instead of being this lump of metal I constantly have to adjust. The precision of workmanship and the quality of the Horween leather is very impressive. I look forward to purchasing more items from FFF because I believe it's a gem of an independent artisanal business in this age of absolutist corporate capitalism.
I'm also writing a review because I chose the horsefront leather and I know that many people make a strong distinction between horse leather and cow leather. They may even be turned off by it because horses are "pets." I had reservations myself but I was impressed that Nick Horween actually wrote a reply to a very sincere reviewer on this site who lionized the opaque (and largely unethical) US horsehide industry. Nick Horween said they take care to only purchase from European food-source plants, including for horsehide. Do I know for sure if this is true? No. But to an extent, we have to rely on the reputations of the businesses with whom we interact and Horween has a long, prestigious history whose leathers are exclusively used by many other prestigious leather goods producers. FFF only uses Horween, so I trust that my choice of leather did not directly contribute to the unethical slaughter of horses here in the US.

Love this stuff!

Watch band, wallet and air pod case...they all get better the more they are used! Thx FFF!

Perfect Fit

Product description is true to the T. At first it was a bit snug, but after a week the fit is uterly perfect. Adapters also look to be of very good quality although I have a small issue with the one on the long end. When I slide it in, there is a click and it stops, but I can still take it out from one of the ends. A small tug seats it correctly. Just mentioning it in case someone else has the same thing. I didn't see a reason to swap it for something so small. Will be buying more.

I absolutely love it

The watch band is the best buy that I have made in a long time. It matched and fitted right in with my Timex Weekender. I also think that the price was very reasonable!! I’ve gotten so many compliments already from friends and co-workers. If you’re considering buying a horween leather watch strap, FFF is the best place to buy one hands down!! I hope to purchase another one soon.

Beautiful strap

I am impressed by how comfortable and beautiful these watch straps are. They are also extremely easy put on and to adjust to size.


I am truly impressed! A very nice handcrafted band, perfect size and extremely fast crafting and shipping!!! I ordered my band at 3 pm monday and got it at 12 today, wednesday. In Sweden!

LOVE these watch bands

My wife bought me one of the Timex with button strap watch bands available from Huckberry. I loved that thing, and it served me incredibly well following an accident that left me without the use of my right hand for a few months. I was still able to wear my watch using my teeth! Unfortunately I since lost that watch (thanks to a 2 year old). So I recently purchased some replacement bands and they are as good as I remember. One tip: the leather does stretch and mold to you, so be prepared to re-adjust the sizing after a bit. This is actually one of my favorite features as it starts to feel so comfortable!

Great quality leather with a cool watch

FFF really nailed it by having the ingenious idea to pair their high quality bands with the coolest inexpensive watch on the market. The Timex Weekender 40 is the perfect casual watch, and it's complimented well by FFF's great leather watchbands. Pull the trigger, you'll be happy.

Elegant, beautiful Apple Watch band

If you like unique find hand crafted items you will love this watch band. The mother is so soft and the design incredibly comfortable. Everyone who sees me where it asks about it – just lovely.

She was happy.

She got me the wallet, so i had to show her thanks by getting her the watch band. Beautiful, perfect fit. Its going to last, and wear so nicely.


I needed something in black to wear to work, but I really wanted something unique and stylish beyond just a simple black leather band. The etching in this is beautiful, but still subtle. This is my second FFF watch band and I love it.

Great design, awesome service!

I didn't have my sport band handy, so I had a hard time coming up with a size. After some finagling, and even ordering the wrong size originally, they worked with me to get the right size in a quick time frame. Though I wish there were an easier way to figure out a size for this band, I am grateful for such great service to fix what was, in the end, my own mistake. The quality of the band is just what I expected and I feel like I have a new watch again! Having no buckle is a great feature, making it easer to type and not have to constantly move the bulk of a buckle out of the way. The leather is beautiful and it was pretty easy to wear in the nub for the closure so it goes on quickly in the morning. If I can get a year or more of use out of it, I'll likely get another next time around! Highly recommend!

Amazing Service and Product!

I love the product and the customer service is top notch, Thank-you!

Good Stuff

I have three straps and can’t recommend them enough. They are rugged yet refined and patina beautifully. They make even the humblest of watches look incredible and the team at FFF have great customer service to boot.

Amazing product. Gorgeous and hand crafted.

Great little wallet

Enjoying my new wallet! High quality leather and very well made. Looking forward to many years of service from it.

Perfect Fit and style

This was my second watch band purchase. My first was in alpine grey suede and I wore it for two years. I recently lost some weight and found it getting a bit loose so I decided to get a new one. I got the green leather this time and I adore it. The fit is so perfect and the band so comfortable. I love the unique look of these bands!

Pocket Wallet

Very high quality real leather ! A pleasure to see such fine craftsmanship

Perfect strap, great customer service!

The original strap I ordered, although 20mm, was still just a little too wide for the watch (Sinn 104 st sa). So they sent me a 19mm instead which fits perfectly! Thank you