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Reply to the previous review emboldened me to go for max break-in. Put FOUR cards in each of the side-by-side slots and a DOZEN bills in cash. In testament to the quality of materials and build, the Sidestep took it like a champ. AND the the thumb-hole pocket still worked well, sliding the cards out easily. I've been using mine now with two cards in the side-by-sides - taking out and inserting cards easily - and with two to six/eight bills in cash which is easily accessed and held securely. So with six cards and needed cash, the Sidestep is a neat, compact package only slightly larger than the cards alone. I demonstrated to myself that you COULD load as many as ten cards and a bundle of cash, but when I realized the BULK was due mostly to the contents, I prioritized and got the total thickness down to a tad over 5/8". Slim, compact, secure carry; I like it!

Architects Wallet Black

I am super happy about the item - I wanted a small thing and this is even smaller than I thought, so totally fits my idea. Materials, pen, notebook - all 10/10 could not change much 🙂 The other thing is the delivery - my first order seems to be stolen on the porch, but FFF instantly replaced it no questions asked.

Finally - a notebook wallet that fits in pockets

This is a beautiful and functional wallet. I've been searching for a wallet for ages that could house a notepad, pen, cash, and cards and still fit in a suit jacket pocket. This is the ONLY one I've found that can do it. And it looks and feels amazing. The leather and craftsmanship are both top notch. The wallet feels like a steal at this price point. And the custom engraving work is really a beautiful touch. I highly recommend this wallet.

Up to expectation

Of good quality, product arrived on time

Beautiful as ever

Back for more … adding new colour bands to my collection.
Product is great & the service exceptional !!

Still Breaking It In...

Quality build and Materials. Initially found the thumb hole pocket on the one pocket side useful with two cards, but the pockets on the two pocket side made it hard to release cards with two cards each, and almost impossible to get the cards if there were more than three-four bills in the cash pocket. Break-in process is to put three cards each into the two pockets and ten bills. After 10 days, it’s much easier to extract either of two cards from either pocket with 4-5 bills in cash compartment. Having a bit of a problem re-inserting cards in those pockets. Seems like you somewhat anticipated this problem by cutting the indents progressively less deep; I think they should be even less deep.
Probably like it even better with more use...

Thanks for the thoughtful input. Definitely keep trying it and if you find it doesn’t work for you let us know and we can absolutely try something else. I never want a product languishing in a drawer if we have a better fit for however someone uses their wallet.It will absolutely all loosen up with use; I always am taking the stretch of the leather into account when designing, so how it works after a week or two will be a bit different than how it works on day 1. Keep us posted!
Another great piece

This is my third Apple Watch band from FFF. This time I added a monogram, which is a very nice touch. They're so comfortable to wear, you don't even know you have a watch on your wrist. Quality is spectacular and customer service is top notch.

Love these!!

I received my first FFF watchband with my weekender watch from Huckberry. I broke it in and wore it for 3 or 4 years and loved it hard. Only I didn't oil it at all and the leather started to crack. So I ordered 2 more and will try to take better care of them.

I should have purchased this a long time ago!

This is the best skinny wallet I've owned. The leather is nice and thick, the dye color is amazing, and the fit is great. I really like the middle section for holding cash, business cards, hotel cards, etc... Infinitely better than the crappy wallets I used to own.

The Best AppleWatch band I own

I knew I wanted one of these bands the first time I saw a review. It's simple, clean, and a little different. I had a couple questions about the fit at first. But they were all answered promptly via your website chat function. The person on the other side was very nice as well.

The sizing as measured and described on the website/chat has been perfect. The band was a little snug at first but after a few weeks, it's starting to fit just right. The dye color is great and the leather appears to be of great quality. I couldn't be happier with this purchase!

Phenomenal wallets.

I have 3 of FFF’s wallets. The Architect, the Field Notes, and the Field Rep. I meant to order the Charette while the sale was on, but it was a hectic holiday season, and that did not happen. The wallets are all high quality, and as they age, they just get better. Having access to a notebook all the time is a must for me, and with my FFF wallets, I can do in style. Thanks.

Happy with the first, so I did it again.

My first band came with a special priced combo deal. Second was to retrofit a watch I already had. Fulfillment and shipping was quick. Nice products.

FFF Watchband (Adjustable)

Fantastic long wallet

I've been a fan fff for years now and when I saw this wallet design I had to bite. It holds all the cards I need, one in each slot. 3 credit cards (1 personal, 1 gas, 1 work), drivers license and CWP. I have a fair amount of cash I keep on the wallet as well and it still remains remarkable slim and minimal feeling in the front pocket. If I had one complaint, it would be that when you run of cash in the wallet, the top of the leather can of bend and mold awkwardly the top card in the waller. But then I just get cash in it and it straightens out nicely all over again. I got the light tan leather and it has darkened down nicely over the months. Fantastic wallet. Definitely recommend if you like the long wallet style.


Loved the band (Chromexcel 8)--a delightful piece of functional form. (Also have a wallet--equally pleasing!)

Simply awesome!!!

I’ve had mine for over two years and am very satisfied . It still looks great and has protected my phone from numerous drops. Just wish there was a model for iPhone XR.

Unsure at first? Give it a try and love it!

When I received my band, I had difficulty putting it on, and it was almost impossible to remove. Plus, it smelled like burned hair. I was disappointed, in fact disgusted that something so expensive didn’t seem to work. Then I was about to return it. But, instead, I decided I’d try it again after reading how the brand new leather fit might at first be tight, and that the bands were sized to fit for long term. So I wore the watch to work the next day, and kept it on all day. Then, after taking on and off a few more times, the button “settled” (if that describes it) to where it could be put on and taken off easily enough while remaining secure. The smell dissipated. After about a week, the band started to feel comfortable, fit nicely, looked great, and could be put on and off smoothly. Then I started to like it. Now, it’s one of my favorite bands (and I have about 30!). So, my suggestion is that if you like the concept and the look, and decide to buy the band, give it a try and give it some time - you will probably like it too after it “settles in”.

Glad you tried it again! Yeah, the smell is from the laser cutting the leather, and it dissipates after a couple days. Since we make each band to order and often cut, stitch, box, and ship the band the same day, when you’re close to our shop or order express shipping it will sometimes make it to you before the smell has disappeared. 9 times out of 10 it’s already gone by the time it makes it to someone and we’ve literally never had anyone have an issue with it after a couple for anyone reading this in future it’s not something to worry about, you’ll have the delightful smell of leather shining through shorty. And, as to the stud hole—yes, that’s also intentionally a little but tight at first because it will loosen up with wear and if it’s too easy to put on at first it will be too loose after some use. Getting the perfect hole size and dimensions is a constant process; we’ve been with this design for a couple years now, and are even now trying out a new concept. Always making minor tweaks to make things work even better
Amazing quality, beautiful color, and outstanding craftsmanship!

I ordered this Apple Watch band having previously owned a Timex Weekender that I got from Huckberry a few years ago. Up until it was stolen, it was my favorite watch and the band quality was great fitting and could go with anything. I got a Series 3 Apple Watch as a birthday gift and had the hardest time finding a band that looked great, felt good, and wasn’t cheap junk that would break in a month. I remembered how much I loved my FFF band that I got with my Timex Weekender and searched to find their Apple Watch bands. I’m beyond happy with the purchase and how quickly it arrived. Fits snug at first, but once worn in, it’s perfect. Like any quality leather good, it’s a conversation piece. Well done, folks!

Gorgeous bands, soooooo comfortable for office work.

I ordered two of the adjustable watch bands and they are so stylish and comfortable. I absolutely love not having a clasp to deal with while I sit on the computer 8hrs a day, 5 days a week. The 24mm band one fits my 45mm watch perfectly; however, the lugs of my 37mm watch can barely accommodate the 18mm band I bought, and thus, the bend on the band coming out of the lugs looks odd and a bit bulky. In hindsight, I probably should've purchased the "ultra-thin" version of the band for my 37mm watch.

Hey man. Yeah, sometimes 18mm watches can have really tight springbar gaps. Send us an email, we’ll get you an ultra-thin band that should fit better. Or we can apply your purchase price towards a 2-piece custom band.
Best wallet ever

A wonderful item designed around a terrific pen so you can capture whatever you like all day long. Am using it to work the Getting Things Done technique and I wish I’d done it 10 years ago but what the heck. Buy this item and don’t look back. Seriously.

Only one problem.

I own about 30 straps for my watched and since purchasing my FFF strap it’s the only one that’s been on my watch. The only problem is I didn’t order two and get the third one free. After seeing the quality and trying one out I wish I had three.

Simply the best

I saw the FFF button stud Apple Watchband in a blog several years ago and on a family holiday to Orlando I visited the FFF shop and purchased my first band. I'm on my 3rd band now, and I can not rate these highly enough. The bands are beautifully handmade from high quality leather, with amazing attention to detail. The closing mechanism is secure and in keeping with the minimalist design of the Apple Watch. But perhaps most importantly there is no metal clasp or buckle opposite the watch to scratch your laptop when you are typing. A perfect fusion of Form and Function (and Form).

Writetime Wallet

Outstanding product and service, no regrets.

I've had my eye on the Apple Watch band for a while for a few reasons: I have a mild nickel allergy that flares up when anything is in contact with the underside of my wrist for too long, I have tiny baby wrists and hate bulky bands, which unfortunately comprise the majority of Apple watch bands, and I also work very long hours at a computer. Happy to report that the FFF band (in Rio Tan) solves all my problems and is both comfortable and professional.

Tbh I'm most impressed by the customer service. I ordered mine on a Sunday afternoon and experienced some problems with payment processing. I didn't expect much of a response when I typed my problem into the site's popup chatbox, but to my surprise the owner of the shop himself replied, troubleshooting with me until we got the problem solved. He even recommended to me the right metal and leather colors for my watch style. Thanks again, man! Couldn't be more impressed with you guys.


GREAT WATCH!! Will definitely be ordering from them again!