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Leather wallet

Great quality and great customer service.

My man feels NAKED without his FFF watchband (and Timex chronograph)!

Unboxed since christmas day and he hasn't been without it since! The leather of the watchband is just gorgeous and the extra strap that came with it was a welcome bonus and truly exquisite! Been a fan of FFF wallets and this new accessory was a no-brainer for a gift. My man loves it and loves me even more for getting it for him! Good taste never gets old 🙂

From FL to ME in record time!

My other half does the subtle Christmas nudge: a text message link to what he's like to magically appear under the tree. And this year is was a F.F.F. wallet with space pen and "wittle" notebook.. with his initials! Super easy, online order from my phone- just had to turn it horizontally to view the cart button. BUT somehow I missed the "expedite shipping" option- Thankfully I DM'ed F.F.F. in Instagram and they got back to me THE SAME DAY and Santa had that wallet wrapped and under the tree in time for the holiday! It arrived in a clean white box, and inside were my personalized gifts (I also ordered the Timex 40mm Cobalt Chronograph watch for my father) in small cloth gift bags.. and a personal note- handwritten- into the top of the box! Very nice touch!

Spence opted for the Charette Wallet in Latte with a Chrome pen.. (I was surprised because he's a trained architect that he didn't run with the adorable branding of "The Architects Wallet" BUT he LOVES it! He was carrying a single pocket, really minimalist wallet from FlowFold.. Which now just houses extra gift cards at our front door key dish.

The initials came out perfectly- although if you were looking for them to pop- they don't. It's a very low key vibe. Like a: Oh yeah, no biggie, I just carry my whole life in my back pocket, kinda vibe. Where my wallet from LV has bright and bold, painted bedazzlement- Spence has hipster cool.

He already owns three watches from F.F.F. and I expect that we'll be placing more orders in the not too distant future!

Birthday Gift for Dad

So I bought the XS Version of the Charette wallet and was so impressed I decided to go with FFF for a birthday present for my Dad. Dad loves to travel and I thought this would definitely be a cool present. Needless to say there hasn’t been a heck of a lot of traveling but my Dad loves this and it has replaced his George Constanta wallet and he uses it everyday. Definitely will be hitting up FFF for more classy gifts for friends and family!!!

Heirloom Wallet

So I stumbled upon this amazing company a little more than a year ago when I was browsing wallets on the internet, my Coach wallet was beginning to fall apart after about a couple of years and I desperately needed a replacement. I came across the Charrette and knew this was what I wanted. I love to jot notes sometimes on the go, and the beauty and functionality definitely appealed to me. I reached out to Shawn and asked for the XS version and some customizations. The final product I received checked all the boxes and exceeded all my expectations. The best part is that this is USA made which is something I actively search for when making purchases. It makes all the difference. Thank you Shawn!!!

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Black -Giraffe Hand Bag

I absolutely love my custom made bag!
Will be back for another treat soon!

Best personalized gift ever

My father n law has everything you can think of so it’s hard to buy him a unique gift. The journal cover with the inscribed map location to his cabin was the perfect present. It was beautifully done, top quality leather and great workmanship by the owner. He took the time to ensure the map location was perfect, which wasn’t easy given the cabin is in a remote part of the mountains in NC. Thank you for making the most unique gift!

Wallet for Hubby

He loved it! I was worried it might be thicker than his old wallet but it was just right. Customer service was excellent!

Custom leather gifts

I recently bought my husband a monogrammed leather slip-notebook cover and passport cover. They are beautiful, soft, top quality leather. The owners are very easy to work with and can do just about anything! I will definitely purchase from them again. I’m very pleased with my purchases.

Great Experience!!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I went into the FFF, both in experience and price. I had the seen the shop in College Park for awhile, but had never been inside. My husband took me in for my birthday to pick out a wallet. I could not have had a better experience! The shop owner greeted us at the door and explained the process. I ended up choosing a suede material that isn't usually used for the wallets, but they were happy to try it out and make it work. The final product looks amazing and we even bought two more items as Christmas presents. And, as custom leather shops go, extremely reasonable prices. Overall, a great experience!

Fantastic and personable company

I ordered a band for my brother-in-laws birthday. When it arrived, I was blown away by the quality and the personal touch of a handwritten note inside the lid of the box. When was the last time you received a handwritten thank you? I will definitely be back in the future for more products.

Fantastic product, fantastic company

My Apple band is cooler than I'd imagined, and the fit is absolutely perfect using the sizing recommendations. I only hesitate to review because the band is so unique and cool, I want to be the only one wearing it. Will order another color soon. Thanks!

Always great!

Thank you for your commitment to helping me get exactly what I wanted as gifts! Thank you!

Handmade and quality

I've owned FFF items for a few years now. Handmade, small business USA made what more can you ask for. Always a personal handwritten note on the box too. For those who like to complain about items not made here anymore, check out FFF and support him. I will for the rest of my time.

Awesome custom gift

Got custom ones for my team at work (star on the headquarters, subtle team logo where the city name shows on the front, quote on the inside). Looks great and beats the pants off the typical cheap branded crap you get as a work gift. And FFF was great to work with on it!

Great service

Bought a size too small and it was immediately replaced ! Great service !

Great small business

I bought a watch band/watch combo in 2013... I now have 2 natural and 2 horween watch bands. One custom. Very comfortable and stylish. Overall positive experience from a small custom shop!

Great quality

Perfect gift idea - I personalized it with our company logo for coworker gifts, and they came out great!

Timex 38mm Night Weekender & 20mm FFF Watchband

New wallet.

Love it

Proud to give this gift

I selected a personalized notebook for my brother-in-law for Christmas. It is wonderful. The artist guided me in the design and I am thrilled with it. Thank you so much. I will be making more purchases in the future.

Great stuff

When people talk about the way things “used to be made” they are talking about these products. Great stuff, real craftsmanship. Thanks!

Love it!

I bought the tri slot grey wallet. I love it. I wanted something to give my son who’d just had just had his first baby and knowing this would last a lifetime and could even get passed down to his son made it even more special. Thank you FFF.

Perfect for the Forgetful Man

Nice to have something to write notes in that also serves quite well as a wallet. Fits well in my back pocket (best if you position the pen to the outside of your hip). It looks good to boot! I think this will be a staple in my EDC for a long time to come. Keep up the great work FFF!

Button Stud Apple Watch Band

I love love love my custom band. I got the initials of all of my daughters engraved inside and it’s so special to me. Its custom stud fit is perfect and I never take it off. Amazing quality + would make for an awesome gift.