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solid product

i’ve been buying from this company for a couple years now, and all their products have just gotten more comfortable over the years. they can stand up to some major abuse, the customer service is great if problems come up, and i’d definitely recommend!

Elevating my watch game

My Hamilton stainless steel band broke maybe 4 months after my fiance gave it to me as an engagement gift. We were both super bummed. I immediately ordered a strap from form function form and we both love it more than the original. This is my second strap I've pick up from fff and the longevity of these are amazing. The craftsperson who made is actually saw my Instagram post and gave me tips on how to better wear the band, it looks great!

Great buy

Awesome craftsmanship and fair pricing

My favorite watch band

I’ve bought a few now in different colors because I love this style so much. It’s very comfortable to wear and it looks great too. I get compliments on it all the time. The best part is the lifetime warranty. If you’re wrist changes size or the leather stretches too much after awhile, you can get a replacement strap. Highly recommend!

Great-looking and practical

The quality of the craftsmanship and materials is just as described. I’d recommend this for anyone who likes slip-through-style straps and wants something that won’t scratch against a desk or laptop.

The customer service is solid, too. The first one I received was a little too wide, but FFF sent an immediate replacement. There wasn’t any hassle.

A note before you buy: it’s thick, so if you try to slide the watch down the length of the strap to use it, the leather might scratch. This means, per FFF’s instructions, you really need to remove the stud any time you install the strap. So this isn’t like a NATO strap that you can easily swap out in a few seconds. (But it’s still more convenient to take on and off than a two-piece strap with spring bars.)

The Quarter-a big hit!

I purchased this item for as an anniversary gift for my husband-year 3, leather. We actually both purchased items from Form Function Form and were extremely delighted in the products. The document case was beautifully crafted and smelled delightful. I was initially a bit concerned about the delivery timeframe, but it arrived in half the estimated time. My final worry was how my husband would react to the gift…he is VERY picky about most things. HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT! Thanks so much!

Great customer service!

The leather is top quality.
The original band that I was sent was too thick (the leather itself) to work with the dress watch that I wanted to use it with.
I contacted FFF and they said it was an easy fix, and it was.I just mailed it back and was sent a new band of much thinner leather (cordovan, not the ultra thin regular leather). No extra charge, no hassle!


So I was enjoying the new watch band until at a dinner out last week I reached across the table and my watch and band dropped off into a vat of onion ring dip. The chicago screw/stud had come apart even through I had tightened them using a screwdriver. Nothing to do but wash both off in the sink and test the water resistance of both the watch and the band. I guess I will try applying some Loctite to the threads before reassembling. Maybe a change in design with an O-ring on the threads might prevent such a failure -- I've never had any other watchband fail in such a manner.

Hey David! Sorry that happened; we intentionally don't use loctite on our adjustable bands because they're supposed to be adjustable, and the stud must also be removed to install the band correctly in the watch or remove it to put a different band on. Unfortunately, there's not really a great solution to keep a screw tight permanently if you want it to be easily removable; even loctite blue requires more force than you really want to subject a brass screw to. To avoid this issue ever in the future, you can twist the screw down by hand (no need to use a screwdriver) every 5 days or so before you put the band on in the morning. On our custom length bands (like our 2-piece custom length bands and Apple Watch bands), we use loctite to hold the screw in place because it doesn't need to move ever.

If you send us an email, we can absolutely get you a new band if your original one is in any way unsatisfactory after its dip-dip. We want to make sure you're happy with the shoot us an email at and let us know.


I've purchased about 7-8 of these Notebook/wallets since the the early days of the Architects Wallet. I personally own and use all 3 models of the wallets. I have found the wallets to be, not only one for EDC use by myself but also for that very special occasion in a Special friend or associates life. They are the epitome of the Bauhaus movement. Beautiful design, that not only looks fantastic, but also is perfect for EDC use. The leather and hand crafting are the highest quality available. The wallets will be what your grandchildren will fight over when your gone. An heirloom product, design, workmanship and materials that will last for generations. Their value for EDC use is 10 x what the cost of the item is. Buy with confidence, enjoy and use for ever. Great customer service, perfect design reasonably priced.

FFF Wallet/Notebooks

I've been a Customer for over 5-6 years since the Architect 's introduction. All there work is with top of the line leather. Theirworkmanship is perfect. Their design is the best available win form an functionality. When I need a special gift for a very special person in mt life I turn to the FFF site. These are all heirloom products...your grandchildren will fight over them when you're gone. Customer service is beyond compare. Buy with confidence that their art is bbeyond compare anywhere in the universe...seriously.

I Highly Recommend

Love Love Love my watch band! The service was outstanding and I even did the sizing wrong, contacted FFF and they sent me a new band free of charge with absolutely no hassle. Highly Recommend, Amazing quality.

My favorite watchband

I'm 100% pleased with the look, quality, fit, and function of this watchband, and the customer service is tops: despite clear instructions, I goofed and ordered the wrong size, but Zach promptly followed up with the corrected size. These folks have my highest recommendation.

Great product and customer service

I ordered three bands and was very impressed with the quality of each. One of the bands was too thick to fit between my watch lugs, so I contacted customer service about getting a replacement. They shipped a replacement out the very next day and when I opened the box I found that they sent me not one, but TWO replacement straps. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Lost a part of me!

I wore this watch/band combo every single day since I would guess 2011?12? (I can't remember exactly). But I do remember the day when I received it and was greeted by a handwritten thank you from someone at FFF. That touched me.

This watch has been around the world with me. Years of traveling while both in and out of the military. It became a part of me and I'm crushed that it now lives in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Crazy how you can get so sentimental about a watch.

Anyway, the watch got comments all over the place. You'll love it. I have a couple of Rolex's and still would much prefer to use this as my go to.

Happy these guys are still around...I guess I have to order a new one once I stop feeling sorry for myself. Womp!

beautiful strap and great value

i love the watch and the leather is gorgeous. my only complaint is that i think i got an old battery, because my watch has been falling behind even though i've only had it a week or so.

Hey Devin, send us an email at our support address () and we'll get you a replacement watch face sent out. Sorry for the trouble.
First experience with Horween leather

I was quite impressed with the overall design and feel of this watch strap. I use it most days for my Timex weekender, and it is breathable and stylish. I would certainly consider other straps in the future. Thank you Form Function Form for offering Horween chromexcel watch straps at an amazing value.

5 years

Guys i work construction labor. In fact i did concrete. This wallet has shocked me. I have no idea why but this damn thing has been covered in concrete many times and beaten to shit. I don't understand why it looks the way it does.

Hey man! That's actually an older design of our Charette Wallet...if you find you're having issues with it ever, let us know and we'll get you a great deal on our newest design (which obviously we think is way better or we wouldn't have redesigned it). Glad you're still using the wallet!!
The Short Leash Fob

My husband loves it! Lots of detail crammed into this great gift. Highly reccommend.

The leather band I’ve been looking for

This is what I’ve been trying to find since I bought my watch - a simple, clean leather band, no contrast stitching or giant buckles. I was hesitant because of the one-size thing, but after wearing for a week or two it’s just about perfect. If you like the look but you’re on the fence about sizing, don’t be!

My favorite everyday accessory

I was gifted this and love it. I'm pretty minimal when it comes to any jewelry but this is something I wear every day. The first couple of weeks I had it the clasp fell out without me realizing but when I contacted the company they quickly responded and replaced it. Love this company and this watch!

Enjoy the wallet

I thought before purchase that the back pocket was a full pocket, its only stitched on 2 sides At first i though this wouldnt work but its fine and works great for me.
I love this wallet perfect size, 100% better than my George Costanza wallet I had before.

Yeah...we try to convey everything with photos but there's only so much you can show with photos. Maybe we'll have to start doing short videos as well to get all the little design features shown.
Fantastic minimalistic Wallet

As I write this I have my main credit card and drivers license in the front pocket and cash (7 bills, half-folded) and 7 full thickness cards in the back. There are also a couple business cards in there but those are thinner. This thing will hold some half-folded cash and around 10 cards without issue. If you pack it tight (I'd say anything over 12 cards +10 bills) it'll become more work getting to the stuff you need in and out but that should be the exception. If you can contain your card fetish this thing is a great carry.

If I had to find a flaw it would be that cash gets worn a bit by having its edges exposed so if you wanted to keep a bill crisp this won't do it.

I have 2 FFF watch bands and now this wallet. Both packages came with a greeting written inside the box and the products are very high quality in look, feel, and performance. The whole experience makes me feel like I bought something much more expensive than the actual price but without feeling like I compromised anywhere.

Beautiful and unique watch

I'd bought an FFF watch a few years ago and I got so many compliments for that. Even though the watch itself isn't made by them, the hand-made leather band makes the whole watch unique.
Now I've bought the Silver/Cobalt Fairfield with Dublin Ale band. First I got a wrong order with different colours, but after writing to them, they were very kind and sent me the correct order.
I'm very pleased with this watch and love the smell of the authentic smell of the leather band. Thank you!

FFF Watchband (Adjustable)

Great in every way!

This product is awesome. The support is extremely nice and helpful and this was one of the best shopping experiences I had in a long time. I am very, very satisfied. I got a black FFF Button-Stud Apple Watchband and a raw one that I applied some dark red dye on. I love to wear them every day and they make me experience my Apple Watch on a different level. Thx!