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Well Worth It
So comfortable you forget you are wearing it.
A great piece of kit!
Architect’s Wallet
Not like the original band I have
Hey Morgan; we’ll get you bands that work for your watch, or you won’t pay for them. Just wanted to reassure you of that. So, I’m going to go find your original order email, respond to that, and we’ll check out a couple options to figure out what’s the best way to get you bands that work, whether that’s thinning down the leather a bit more, moving to a different type, or what.
Style for a Price
Fabulous style and customer service!
Love it but..

Hey Paul...just to check; when you say scaling back, did you have more cards in it and have now taken some out? If so, the leather has stretched a bit and it will take a little to reconform to the new number of cards in the slots. But I don’t want you to be unhappy with the wallet at all, so send me an email if it hasn’t gotten better. I guess it’s possible that you got a stretchy piece of leather that is just too loose (doesn’t usually happen with this kind of horsefront but it’s always possible, given that no two hides are the same). I’ve used this wallet with one card in each slot and not had an issue so it seems like something is amiss here, and if it doesn’t work for you I want to make it right. So let me know.

Stylish AND functional!
Father’s Day Win
Unreal quality
Brilliant Band
Never Use a Traditional Bifold Wallet Again!
3 Cheers for FFF!
Best ever
Great watches.
Both the watch band and customer service are outstanding