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The leather band I’ve been looking for

This is what I’ve been trying to find since I bought my watch - a simple, clean leather band, no contrast stitching or giant buckles. I was hesitant because of the one-size thing, but after wearing for a week or two it’s just about perfect. If you like the look but you’re on the fence about sizing, don’t be!

My favorite everyday accessory

I was gifted this and love it. I'm pretty minimal when it comes to any jewelry but this is something I wear every day. The first couple of weeks I had it the clasp fell out without me realizing but when I contacted the company they quickly responded and replaced it. Love this company and this watch!

Enjoy the wallet

I thought before purchase that the back pocket was a full pocket, its only stitched on 2 sides At first i though this wouldnt work but its fine and works great for me.
I love this wallet perfect size, 100% better than my George Costanza wallet I had before.

Fantastic minimalistic Wallet

As I write this I have my main credit card and drivers license in the front pocket and cash (7 bills, half-folded) and 7 full thickness cards in the back. There are also a couple business cards in there but those are thinner. This thing will hold some half-folded cash and around 10 cards without issue. If you pack it tight (I'd say anything over 12 cards +10 bills) it'll become more work getting to the stuff you need in and out but that should be the exception. If you can contain your card fetish this thing is a great carry.

If I had to find a flaw it would be that cash gets worn a bit by having its edges exposed so if you wanted to keep a bill crisp this won't do it.

I have 2 FFF watch bands and now this wallet. Both packages came with a greeting written inside the box and the products are very high quality in look, feel, and performance. The whole experience makes me feel like I bought something much more expensive than the actual price but without feeling like I compromised anywhere.

Beautiful and unique watch

I'd bought an FFF watch a few years ago and I got so many compliments for that. Even though the watch itself isn't made by them, the hand-made leather band makes the whole watch unique.
Now I've bought the Silver/Cobalt Fairfield with Dublin Ale band. First I got a wrong order with different colours, but after writing to them, they were very kind and sent me the correct order.
I'm very pleased with this watch and love the smell of the authentic smell of the leather band. Thank you!

FFF Watchband (Adjustable)

Great in every way!

This product is awesome. The support is extremely nice and helpful and this was one of the best shopping experiences I had in a long time. I am very, very satisfied. I got a black FFF Button-Stud Apple Watchband and a raw one that I applied some dark red dye on. I love to wear them every day and they make me experience my Apple Watch on a different level. Thx!

FFF Watchband (Adjustable)

Clean and Simple

Its a basic simple watch yet paired with this beautiful strap it somehow becomes elevated to something uniquely "timeless"
I'm very happy with my purchase. I also bought just a strap to replace a watch I never wore and with the new strap it's become a favorite

Timex 41mm Silver Fairfield & 20mm Natural Chromexcel FFF Watchband

Best customer service ever!

This place has the best customer service! I had originally ordered the navy band. When it arrived, it looked so much darker than the picture. Almost black. I had reached out to ask if there was any chance it might lighten over time. They immediately offered for me to pick another band since the first one wasn’t what I was expecting. They shipped the new color the same day, and it is perfection! These are the best bands and the most amazing customer service! Businesses like this are rare, and I am now a customer for life!!

A Hit

Bought it for my wife's birthday. She loved it, but even better (apparently), her friends love it too 🙂

Love my giraffe band!

This is the second watch band I’ve ordered and I just love them! I had my initial put on the first one and the giraffe pattern put on the second. So attractive and I love the clasp! Will probably order a third one!

Really an AirPod essential

I’ve had my AirPod case for months now and can’t picture not having it! It helps me keep track of my AirPods and keeps the case safe from falls and the perils of my purse. I love my case!

Apple Watch band

Love it

The Most Beautiful Option Out There!

I searched all over for a solid leather Field Notes wallet, and this hit the perfect sweet spot for me! I love the design and layout of the cards on the left, each one being easy to access but I’m not worried about them falling out. I like this so much more than the kinds where there’s only two spots to stack all your cards and they stick out sort of janky. There’s so much goodness here, from the pen holder to the rich leathery smell I get every time I go to write in it!

The engraving was slightly different than what I’d envisioned, I was expecting something small and pressed but it was a little larger and maybe laser engraved. Still, it’s a nice touch. I went with a solid brown and can’t want for the scratches and patina to develop over time.

Also, this thing has a LIFETIME WARRANTY! That’s such an added bonus! Love everything I’ve gotten from FFF!


I am amazed with my replacement checkbook. I looked and looked for someone to replace my old checkbook and you did it. I am so grateful! Thank you!

Made an old watch awesome again

Simple, well made and durable. Would buy again.

Fabulous both times I ordered!

Band fits perfectly. Far more low profile than most. Will be ordering in additional colors.

Love my Sidestep

This wallet is just the best. Such quality materials, design, and features. Form*Function*Form creates items that last forever.

Best Company and Watch Band Ever

If you’re thinking about getting one of Form-Function-Form’s watchbands, just do it! You will not regret it. This company has the best customer service you’ll ever encounter and their bands are so comfortable I’ve occasionally forgotten I’m wearing one and have fallen asleep in it.

The design, workmanship, and materials are first-rate, but behind it all are people who believe in their product and want their customers to be pleased. A couple of orders ago, they emailed me that they noticed I’d ordered a different size—and reminded me of their lifetime guarantee: you can get a replacement any time you need it. I replied that sometimes my first band was just a little tight and I wanted to try the next size up. They not only sent me the size I’d requested, but a custom half-size in-between at no additional charge!

After they learned that I used both bands depending on physical issues that often vary day to day, they again sent both sizes for each of the three bands in my next order. I can’t thank them enough for helping me in this way—again, at no additional charge.

I have given away my other bands because none can compare.

Just try one. You won’t want to wear anything else with your Apple Watch.


I ordered these for my littles as luggage tags. I love that the names/address are in the inside and not on the outside for everyone to see. They have already put them on their bags and can't wait to go on our next adventure! Y'all are seriously amazing and I love handmade and small businesses! Customer service is aweseoms sauce as well! 🙂


I never thought the button system would make such a difference. Getting the clasp out from under my wrist made the watch very comfortable and it’s my go to watch now. The leather looks awesome and I don’t feel I need to baby it.

Time will tell how it holds up and if it stretches, but there’s plenty of hold for easy adjustments.

Amazing band!

I love this band so much! It looks great and it’s so comfortable! After a few days it’s so easy to take on and off. This is the best band. I’m so happy with it!

Architect's Wallet is so useful

I've had 2 of these in the past; one I gave as a gift and the other one, by puppy chewed! I was stoked to order another one because I used my old one constantly. Loved the little pen and everything about it. The new version has improved stitching and workmanship, and the previous one was also great. The owner was super helpful to me in the ordering process when I was having issues processing the order and even gave me a discount for helping him sort out the issue because they were updating the pay-wall and trouble-shooting. Really great experience all around and the delivery process was really fast as well. incredibly stoked to have this gear back in my life.