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I must say, I love this band!! It gives the watch a totally cool and unique look. Mine is the raw (undyed) one, which has a beautiful color all it’s own, but there are so many gorgeous hues to choose from, that I have been planning on getting one in either the peacock blue, grey suede, burgundy, or all of ‘em. I was concerned that the band would stretch too much, but it didn’t. The first two days were a little bit of a struggle to button it myself, naturally, since the leather was brand new, but since day three, it has been an absolute breeze to put on. Thanks FFF for creating a crazy-cool and beautiful band that doesn’t follow the standard design masses!!

Delightful comfort

Second piece I ordered from FFF complementing the Charette Wallet (2015)!

Never worn such a comfortable watchband! No buckle that hits or scratches the table surface during work,
no stress marks on the forearm after taking the watch off. Easy to adjust but a bit challenging to put on for the
first few times ( so just leave it on 😀 ).

I hoped it will fit well with a Seiko dresswatch as most pairings that I have seen are with chronos / less formal watches. And it does!
But see for yourself : Seiko x FFF.

Thank you again, Shawn!

Excellent! And look at that old school charette wallet...the horsefront just gets better with time. So glad to see you're taking full advantage of the design and wearing the stud up close to the watch face so it doesn't bang the desk.Really glad you like the products!
Flippin love my FFFolio

Mine has a dinosaur on it, which makes everyone covet it.

Incredibly great

This is the most comfortable watchband I have ever known. Made of superior materials, the concept is great, and the execution is perfect. Imagine working on your computer without a bracelet or buckle grinding or tapping on your desk or laptop. Well this is the answer. The leather is thick and beautiful, and far better than any competing product. The Apple leather bracelets are a joke compared to this with their plastic edges. I love this so much I bought 2 more in different colors, and one for my wife 2. And a wallet. Beautiful, functional and inexpensive. Totally worth the money.

Beautiful band

When I [finally] decided to purchase my Apple Watch one of the first things I did was start looking at leather bands. Most of the ones I came across looked cheesy, were low quality leather, or were stupid expensive. Luckily I came across a web posting that reviewed the FFF watch band. I loved the style and the idea of a slim band without the bulk of a buckle since I’m at a computer all day. I just received my FFF band for my stainless steel 42mm Apple Watch and it’s definitely a bit snug, like when I accidentally buckle my watch one tighter than normal. I expected the tightness based on the information provided and the reviews I read prior to ordering. I’m sure it’ll be just right in a few days.
I was interested in the latigo walnut but it’s currently sold out so I went with latigo Rio tan and I think it’s perfect; a great neutral tan that’s not too dark or too red. I’ll definitely be looking to add to my collection soon.

Beautiful watchband

This is one of the nicest, highest quality watchbands I've ever seen. And, as promised, it fits like a glove. Well worth every penny. I can't recommend this band highly enough.

Amazing quality, this is the real deal leather band

I don’t have enough words to describe how much I love this band. It’s a fantastic product, seriously. The leather, connectors, and stitching quality are superb, plus it comes in a beautiful, thoughtful packaging. Oh, and what a perfect customer service they have! I was unsure about the sizing as the hole #4 was too big, and the #3 was too tight for my wrist in the original Apple Watch sports band, so I asked for a 3.5, and they were so kind to send me all 3 sizes to make sure I have a good fit, and I did! Thank you guys so much! Definitely will be ordering more, highly recommended. PS.: it did take a few days for the leather to stretch out and for the band to fit comfortably, so please be patient like they recommended 😉


I absolutely love this watchband. It was a tad bit tight the first time I put it on, as expected, and it has stretched just enough to be completely comfortable. I will definitely be purchasing in other colors.

Great Wallet

I've been using this for about three months now and it has been great. My initial concern was that, because it's not zippered, things might have a tendency to fall out. Has not been a problem at all - everything is still secure. It has help up well to being thrown in my backpack every day. Also no problem fitting an iPhone 8 in the pocket (with a pretty sizeable case on it).
Two things that I would change (that don't affect the functionality of the wallet):
- the optional cross body strap could be longer (wallet doesn't quite hang where I'd like it too)
- would be nice if you didn't have to open the wallet and remove the wrist strap in order to attach the cross-body strap

Hey Heather; we can definitely get you a longer crossbody strap, just send an email over. Glad you like the wallet!
Totally in love with this piece!

I had a problem with my first order. I was worried that it was going to be overlooked since I am picky, but noticing how great the reviews are about FFF's customer service, I decided to send an email and ask my question. My first Charette had this extremely annoying habit of not covering the whole notebook. And it just did not aesthetically go with the great looks of the wallet. It was a decently big gap and just could not be overlooked. To my surprise, Shawn emailed me back directly and asked me for some photos so we could see what the problem was. After an email or two of photos, he saw my issue and told me he'd have something whipped up to fix it, or refund me. A couple of days later I got an email saying that they shipped something out my way. And wow, did Shawn really take care of me. I mean this thing was the Charette that I pictured, at least when I saw the photos and reviews. I think the problem has been fixed on all the production ones at the moment, since the photos also look exactly like what he sent me. I was very pleased with this and cannot recommend FFF enough! They took care of me as a customer, and delivered an incredible wallet that really is a conversation starter. I have always been one to use long lasting goods, and FFF has definitely produced that for me here. I am over the moon with the work and craftsmanship, and will always look to FFF and Shawn for any leather goods that I may need. Don't think, just buy. They will deliver. And if on the off change you have an issue like me, then Shawn will take care of you.

Concerning the Charette wallet itself, I think it is a masterpiece. I have been carrying it now for about 3 or 4 months now and wanted to wait a bit before a review. It has enough space for 3-6 cards, depending on where you put them/if you want to stretch the leather a bit, and also enough space for some cash. I also store some handwritten notes in the two small pockets that are created by putting the notebook inside the slot on th...

Great Company standing by their product

I bought the grey suede band in Feb 2018. Best looking, stylish, and comfortable band I have worn. I am a little in between sizes even after following their chart and I was a little nervous. The band was perfect to start; however it began to loosen a little too much. I contacted FFF and they sent a new one out right away. The new one fit perfect and is not stretching as much. They did all of this as part of their guarantee. Amazing. They also offered to send a 1/2 size out if the 2nd band did not work. I am saving up for another band because they are so awesome. The button on the side does not interfere with my typing or when I lean my wrist like a normal band. The quality is fantastic. I know it might seem like a lot for some folks, but these are by far the best bands I have found after going down the rabbit hole on the internet looking for cool watch bands. Do not hesitate to buy this if you are looking for a great watch band.

Quality Band, Quality Customer Service

I ordered the adjustable, 20mm, chromexcel-brown band to put on my Timex Weekender. The band shipped quickly, fit the watch perfectly and the color was just as advertised. It is very comfortable and can easily be dressed up or worn casually. I love it!

Great Band!

Fits like a dream and really reinvigorates the watch! Will buy another!

Architect’s Waalet - Just what I needed

I’m a full time science fiction and fantasy novelist. Even with technology being as awesome as it is today, I don’t always have time to pull out a device for jotting down notes and ideas - which might come at any time.

Enter the notebook/pen/wallet combo!

Because it’s my wallet, I always have it with me, so I always have a space to write down notes to review later. Sure, I also have my iPhone - but there’s something organic about writing the idea down which gets lost a little bit in typing it onto a screen. Probably just that I grew up with notebooks instead of smartphones, but it works for me.

The quality is excellent. The minimalist nature of this wallet means I’m not carrying around a ton of junk - just the essentials. Overall, I think this is an incredible tool, and I strongly recommend it.

Quality Field Notes Cover

Long time user of Field Notes. This Field Rep wallet looks and feels great. I got the HF Predator Gold Brown and it looks like an old, weatherworn item of cowboy kit. I just tell people it is an antique folio from a Pony Express rider. The only thing I might do different is go with the black pen rather than the brass.

Incredible customer service! Incredible band!

I called to see if they could help me match and order a band of theirs I’d seen with a diff watch on another site, and they gave me all the info I needed, plus giving me the tip of ordering with a heavier weight leather to make it more comfortable!

He even answered a lot of questions about shipping and helped to make sure I got the band before I headed out of town!

Besides all that, the band is beautiful! A rich weighty piece of leather that has already gotten so much love from my coworkers and friends. So unique! So comfy!

Love this company!

FFF watchband (adjustable)

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m a 23 year old man with an affinity for meaningful aesthetics. This watchband will grow to become a part of you, seamlessly, period. Durability, texture, function all top notch. Couldn’t be happier with it.

Great replacement strap. Comfortable and

Great replacement strap. Comfortable and l looking better each day.

A Unique Find

Absolutely love the Timex Chronograph/FFFWatchband. I have not worn a watch for about 20+ years and have toyed with getting one all that time. There were a few that I “sat” on but never really went back to buy. I knew I wanted something simple and a bit different but never really came across anything that jumped out at me. Then I happened upon FFF and this little unique piece. I really like how the band “ages” with time and use. Very happy with the purchase!

Best leather band

This is the best leather band I have seen for the Apple Watch. It is very classy made very well with high quality leather. The single stud is very sleek.

Exceptional in every way

I've got a few FFF straps, and every singe one is perfect. They only get better the longer I wear them. I recently lost a band and stud that Shawn had thrown in as an extra to a purchase I made years ago. I contacted him asking if I could buy a button stud from him, as I had other FFF straps that just needed a stud. Instead of selling me one, he sent me not only a button stud, but another brand new band. This is not just a guy who maintains impeccable customer service, he's generous. What a thing to be able to say about a business. Thank you Shawn!

Looks great

Easy to install, looks great. Very happy with my purchase.

6 months and loving it

I bought this wallet 6 months ago and it's been getting better and more broken in every day. FFF has been awesome to deal with and I will continue to come back for more!

I get compliments from strangers

I swear by FFF watch bands. Comfortable, classy, and super easy to put on every day. I've always been impressed by their service too -- including custom orders and swapping sizes. I get compliments from strangers on my watch bands.

My new favorite

I’ve only had it for a couple of days, but I’ve already gotten lots of compliments. It’s big enough to hold all the essentials and light enough to bring with me everywhere. If you’re worried that the penny clutch is too small, this one is perfect.