“TriSlot” Simplicity Wallet


Three stacked credit card slots, stitched with the center slot riding higher than the outer two to allow easier access to the ‘middle cards,’ without having to unpack the whole bunch. If you’re the type to carry 6 cards or so, and a little bit of cash occasionally, and want everything to be accessible AF in as small a footprint as possible, this is your wallet.

Laser cut from a single piece of Horween horsefront leather (thin, strong, low stretch, durable), folded and hand stitched with burnished edges.

Dimensions: 65mm x 105mm (approximately 2-1/2″ x 4″)


Engraving/Monogramming options

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(standard location-replaces FFF logo along bottom front side, logo moves to rear) “First Middle Last” style:

(input full name, NOT initials; we will style your engraving per your selection above)

Engraved Handwriting (+$12.00)

Upload a clear photo of your/your kids’ handwriting on a piece of unlined printer paper (pen preferred). We’ll tweak as needed to make it engrave well and contact you to finalize location before we engrave.

(max file size 2 GB)

Gift Message OR Special Instructions

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More Information

Original Release: November 2016
Update 1: Added new leathers/colors March 2018

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This is the second item I have purchased from Form Function Form and I couldn’t be happier with both! I bought a watch band a year ago and forgot to write a review. I wear it every day and I LOVE it! This time I purchased a wallet for my husband. I made a phone call, spoke with the owner himself (only because he answered the phone - how great?!), and had it personalized. Great customer service and great products!! I will look for reasons to buy from here again because I know the quality will be great! Thank you!!

Another one!

Been buying from here for a few years. Wanted an even slimmer wallet than the one I owned. This one seemed a good fit and is just as good as I expected. In design, craftsmanship and quality. I will be back.

Perfect Slim Wallet

My second product from FFF and I am once again pleased. Great quality and design.

Extremely Satisfied

This wallet was different from the kind that I normally rock but all-in-all I love it! It fits perfectly with the minimalistic environment I'm trying to create around me. The craftsmanship is stunning and personal. I know I'll use this wallet for a long time and I'll definitely continue to shop with fff.

One of the most ingenious wallets I've seen

If you're familiar with FFFs work, then you know they use the highest quality materials available and have really well though out designs. The Tri-slot Simplicity Wallet is no different. With cards loaded, it looks awesome. You can have 4 cards visible and at least 2 more hidden behind another card. It can be hard to figure out what this wallet looks like when in use because from the pictures you see a lot of the inside of the leather, but when cards are in place all you see is the leather outside on both sides, that's it. If you're one to just carry around a few cards and little to no cash, this wallet is for you.