Timex 40mm Midday Chronograph & 20mm FFF Watchband


Buy any watch/band combo and get an extra adjustable cordovan or standard adjustable watchband for 33% off. Just add the extra band to your cart (any size/leather/stud color) to see discount.

With the same dimensions as the updated Weekender 40, and the addition of a functioning chronograph, this is one of our favorite Timex pieces. Bundled here with one of our original creations, the Button-Stud Watchband, in several leather colors. Pick a combo that works for you, keep that button stud up on the side of your wrist (we invented this thing in the first place because watch clasps are a noisy, annoying, pain in the wrist when working at a desk or a laptop, so keep that stud up out of the way on the top/side of your wrist), and you’ll be 158.3% cooler*.

The watch face is sized at 40mm; in between the 38mm Weekender and 41mm Fairfield watches.

*no, sorry, that’s totally a lie. But you WILL have a cool watch.

  • Adjustable length button-stud band fits virtually all wrist sizes with over 2" of adjustment.
  • If you find your new band needs to be a bit shorter or longer to fit you, or if you find the band stretching out a lot (full grain leather will stretch, some pieces just stretch TOO much, and we just replace them without hassle) contact us for a prompt fix.
  • Includes original Timex (nylon or 'genuine' leather, depending on the watch) watchband. Button stud (stainless steel, black DLC stainless, or solid brass) selected to complement watch face.
  • When installed correctly (wear it as shown in the photos, NOT with the button stud down on the bottom of your wrist), band design hides button-stud adjustment holes behind watch face (and keeps the button stud from banging against your wrist/desk/laptop while working). For a truly custom band sized to your watch and wrist, see The Original Cordovan Button-Stud Watchband.
  • USA made, low profile screw-back button studs in stainless steel, black DLC perma-coated stainless, and solid brass (all with hypoallergenic solid brass screw backs).

Original Release: April 2015

"How do I know which color is which??" Select a leather color from the drop down menus below, and the photos will update to reflect your choice.

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Customer Reviews

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Great buy

Awesome craftsmanship and fair pricing

Lost a part of me!

I wore this watch/band combo every single day since I would guess 2011?12? (I can't remember exactly). But I do remember the day when I received it and was greeted by a handwritten thank you from someone at FFF. That touched me.

This watch has been around the world with me. Years of traveling while both in and out of the military. It became a part of me and I'm crushed that it now lives in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Crazy how you can get so sentimental about a watch.

Anyway, the watch got comments all over the place. You'll love it. I have a couple of Rolex's and still would much prefer to use this as my go to.

Happy these guys are still around...I guess I have to order a new one once I stop feeling sorry for myself. Womp!


I never thought the button system would make such a difference. Getting the clasp out from under my wrist made the watch very comfortable and it’s my go to watch now. The leather looks awesome and I don’t feel I need to baby it.

Time will tell how it holds up and if it stretches, but there’s plenty of hold for easy adjustments.

Great watch...

Great brand and great support. These guys are really doing an amazing job. I ordered internationally to Switzerland and the support was easy and personal. I will definitely order some more stuff in future, because the watch and watchbands I received are well made and super comfortable. 100% recommendation!

A Unique Find

Absolutely love the Timex Chronograph/FFFWatchband. I have not worn a watch for about 20+ years and have toyed with getting one all that time. There were a few that I “sat” on but never really went back to buy. I knew I wanted something simple and a bit different but never really came across anything that jumped out at me. Then I happened upon FFF and this little unique piece. I really like how the band “ages” with time and use. Very happy with the purchase!

Awesome Watch!

This watch is absolutely fantastic, and the watch band is everything I had of hoped for! I will never go back to a regular old watchband again, highly recommend FFF products :)

Great watch except...

The watchband is a little too easy to unhook. Got stolen off my wrist without me even realizing it. Otherwise it was my favorite watch - watch face looks great and leather band is nice!

Hey man; send an email over to us. Can't find your order in the system or would have just contacted you directly. heyfffriends@formfunctionform.com
Timex Chronograph - Chromexcel Natural

Great watch for my first watch, and the band fits snug. Can't wait to wear it more

if you're wearing the band on the largest hole and it's a bit snug, the leather should definitely stretch out to fit you perfectly after a few days (or you can help it along by pulling the leather a bit by hand). If you find that it's still a bit too snug we can absolutely send you a longer band, no charge, just let us know.