Spoor Key Fob


‘Less is more’ design meets everyday carry. Held together with a single stitch and a sturdy YKK snap, the Spoor Key Fob clips to your keychain with a high quality stainless steel miniature gate snap for easy removal and greater usability than with a standard split-ring (great for when you want to leave your multitool at home and not donate it to airport security).

Equip with your choice of Leatherman PS4 in Red or Blue, or with no multitool and you can bring your own (BYOK option). Includes a CountyComm ‘Split Pea’ Waterproof Stainless lighter/pill box: small size, huge coolness (note: to comply with regulations, this ships without any included fluid). Countycomm lighter can have innards easily removed to provide a small waterproof pill box.

Dimensions: Approximately 3″x1.25″x5/8″


Select a multitool color to include with your Spoor Fob, or use your own and save the cost of the tool.

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Original Release: April 2012 (launch day product)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Spoor key fob.

Bought 3 of these little beauties as gifts. Had to keep one for myself! Can't help touching it, it's so tactile. Delighted. Great service too. All the way to Scotland.

Truly form meets function.

Im a firm believer that no item should only do one task. This combo pack is the very definition of multi-task. With a small, but truly functional multi tool I am able to not carry my trusty Swiss Army knife, but still have a competent blade with multi function capabilities. With the inclusion of the lighter in a truly genius way it make the whole package the same size many modern car key fobs. A+ in my book.

Great tool

Flawless work again! Love having this right on my keys so it's easy to grab any time. Loving the wonderful colors offered, always partial to green myself. Looking to come back for more soon.

One of the best ideas ever

The Spoor Key Fob is a wonderful add on the your key chain. When you need a little tool its right there.


Another beautiful piece from FFF


This is a nifty little gadget. The fob holds the leatherman perfectly. There are multiple ways to attach the fob to a day pack or important carry items. I really like the lighter. It is easy to access and works well. Was thinking of getting another one just to keep in the truck.

This thing kicks *ss!!!!

The leather quality is amazing..... It keeps the Leatherman from marring surfaces and prevents catching on to the inside of your pockets...this tool is a must for any tech geek like myself and the leather adds style for the hipster that I think I am.... And looks so damn sharp. I live by the the "form must follow function" rule. And I'll eventually have everything this site offers.
The customer service is second to none. Shawn is the man! -literally.....he does it all.

Stops the wear and tear in my pocket

This key fob not only looks brilliant, it's compact and doesn't add a whole heap of bulk to your pocket. Plus it stops the constant need to repair your pocket fabric (for those that already carry a Leatherman.