Aeris iPhone Case/Wallet


Based on the Original Gracilis design, we added a slot in the back of the Horween leather case to hold a few credit cards (and some cash, in the larger iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus).  Laser cut and hand stitched to order.  Protected by approximately 1.8mm on all sides by Horween leather, the hand-stitched case is a snug fit that won’t add bulk, but provides unobstructed access to all ports/screen/plugs/buttons.

Available for iPhone 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus. Rear credit card slot.

Original Release: August 2015
Revision 1: Added 7/7+ design: September 2016
Revision 2: July 2017, Changed to heavier leather and tweaked to universal fit cases for all phones beginning with the 6.

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Customer Reviews

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Azeris iPhone case

This is my favorite wallet case. I like that it doesn’t add extra bulk to the phone. It isn’t for protection but it is definitely for function. And that is why I purchased the case. I am going to purchase another one for my work phone.

Glad you like the case! Though you'll definitely find that it does provide quite a bit of protection--while the sides are open, the corners, the back, and the face of the phone are protected by a layer of 4oz leather, so it will shield your screen from all but the oddest angles it could hit something.
My best purchase of 2016

I am obsessed with my Aeris iPhone 7 plus case. The aesthetics and the feel of your genuine leather warms my soul. Thank you FFF!

wow. Strong words! Thanks!! Though...2016 has, by general consensus, sorta sucked, so maybe a good phone case CAN come out on top.
Arris iPhone 7 case

Excellent quality and design.

FFF does it again: Aeris iPhone case rocks!!!

Just received the Aeris and out of the box it lives up to expectations. With a perfect fit and beautiful patina, I know this product is only going to get better with age and use. Thanks, FFF!

Such wonderful craftsmanship!

This phone case is truly one of a kind. It is so well made and makes a beautiful one of a kind statement. This company has wonderful customer service and even better craftsmanship. Thank you!!

Aeris for iphone 6S

Absolutely LOVE this phone case.. I had the 2 slotted case for my iphone 6 plus and loved it but the 1 slot for regular 6 is even better. I don't think I will ever be able to stand any other case on my phone. It fits my phone perfectly and never slips off or gives me any trouble at all. I keep my license and debit card in it and they fit perfectly and I can fit a 3rd card or cash in there too if I need it.

just great

Another great product from F.F.F I get a lot of compliments on my phone case. And leather is getting this great aged look

Great Phone Case

Purchase this case in Midnight Burgundy, which looks a lot like Color No. 8. The case fits great--it was a tight fit getting on, which is a good thing. The card slot easily holds 2 cards plus a small amount of cash, as advertised. I'm not a huge fan of big, burly cases which add too much heft to a phone but I want something that offers a least some amount of good protection. This case seems to hit the sweet spot. Just a solid looking and feeling case. Also, to paraphrase Col. Kilgore from Apocalypse Now, "I love the smell of leather every time I talk on my phone...Smells like victory."