Please note: All engraved/monogrammed items are custom, and can not be returned or exchanged.  Any defects will of course be repaired or replaced as usual.

We can engrave/monogram almost all of our products.  If you would like to add a monogram or a company logo/graphic, select the appropriate option on the product page during checkout, and contact us after purchase (or we will email you if we don’t hear from you) to let us know exactly what you’d like engraved.

Logo/graphic work requiring extensive photoshop work to engrave correctly may require an additional charge–black & white or very limited black/white/single-color-grey images engrave best, but we have experience turning color graphics into works that engrave well (it just takes some extra time manipulating the photo/graphic in Photoshop). Photo or full-color/full-greyscale-range images do not engrave well on leather; contact us with questions on “engraveability.”

Please note: Each type of leather will engrave differently; some are more stark contrast, some are very subtle.  It is hard to give a rule of thumb as to which colors have engraving that ‘show up’ better than others, since sometimes darker leathers engrave to a different color (natural back black chromexcel, our standard chromexcel, for example, engraves to a brown since the top layer of black dye is engraved off to expose the natural brown leather below), and sometimes they simply go darker (ink predator goes from a deep navy to a black, so it is very subtle). Light colors as well can engrave differently–latte horsefront is only a tonal shift, while nude suede goes quite a bit darker.

Feel free to ask about the general engraving properties of your preferred leather.  Please note that if the engraving is a standard part of the item price (such as on the ID FFFob), we have selected leathers that engrave appropriately to be visible (as you can see in the photographs).